Genome Warehouse

The Genome Warehouse (GWH) is a public repository housing genome-scale data for a wide range of species and delivering a series of web services for genome data submission, storage, release and sharing.

China Genomic Data Sharing Initiative

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How to Cite

Please cite the accession number GWHXXXX00000000 like this:

The whole genome sequence data reported in this paper have been deposited in the Genome Warehouse in BIG Data Center [1], Beijing Institute of Genomics (BIG), Chinese Academy of Sciences, under accession number GWHXXXX00000000 that is publicly accessible at


[1] Database Resources of the BIG Data Center in 2018. Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(D1):D14-D20. [PMID=29036542]

  GWH-supported Deposition
  • Data submission to GWH have been reported by multiple journals, including:
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Update Notes

  •  Genome survey sequences submission table is available online. [2018-06-15]
  •  Submitter can update release date directly via submission system. [2017-12-07]
  •  Publish genome data release policies and disclaimers. [2017-11-21]
  •  Genome assembly search function is available. [2017-09-28]
  •  Alter the home page layout. [2017-09-25]
  •  Submission system version beta is available online. [2017-07-01]
  •  Develop genome data standards version 1.0 beta. [2017-06-15]