Name Samples Material Technology Platform Data Type Coverage Description Author Journal Year PMID
PRJDB5525 2 NA WGS Illumina HiSeq 1000 PAIRED ~188x Ganoderma lucidum NBRC 8346 geneme sequencing project National Institute of Technology and Evaluation Biological Resource Center NA 2017 NA
PRJNA71455 1 NA WGS Illumina Genome Analyzer II PAIRED ~383x Genome sequence of the model medicinal mushroom Ganoderma lucidum Chen S et al. Nature Communications 2012 22735441
PRJNA77007 1 fruiting body WGS Illumina HiSeq 2000 PAIRED ~82.9x The genome of Ganoderma lucidum provides insights into triterpenes biosynthesis and wood degradation Liu D et al. PLoS One 2012 22567134