Species/Population Samples G2P Pair Model Description Author Journal Year PMID
Saanen,Toggenburg and Alpine 2381 31 the multi-locus mixed model(MLMM)  Genome-wide association study of conformation and milk yield in mixed-breed dairy goats. Suzanne Desire et al. Journal of dairy science 2018 29290434
Italian Garfagnina goat breed 48 9 the qt-score function of the GenABEL package Identification of candidate genes for paratuberculosis resistance in the native Italian Garfagnina goat breed. Francesca Cecchi et al. Tropical animal health and production 2017 28526988
French Saanen goats 945 6 logistic model with mixed effects Genome Wide Association Study Identifies New Loci Associated with Undesired Coat Color Phenotypes in Saanen Goats. Pauline Marie Martin et al. PloS one 2016 27030980
Swiss goat 341 2 - Wattles in goats are associated with the FMN1/GREM1 region on chromosome 10. Drogemuller C et al. Animal genetics 2015 25736034