Species/Population Samples G2P Pair Model Description Author Journal Year PMID
Upland cotton 419 21756 mixed-linear-model Resequencing a core collection of upland cotton identifies genomic variation and loci influencing fiber quality and yield. Zhiying Ma et al. Nature genetics 2018 29736016
Chinese upland cotton 355 30 Best linear unbiased predictions Genome-wide association study identified genetic variations and candidate genes for plant architecture component traits in Chinese upland cotton. Shuxun Yu et al. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 2018 29497767
Upland cotton 169 169 MLM/GLM/Fast-LMM A genome-wide association study of early-maturation traits in upland cotton based on the CottonSNP80K array. Chengqi Li et al. Journal of integrative plant biology 2018 29877621
G. hirsutum 288 8 a Mixed Linear Model (MLM) High-density 80 K SNP array is a powerful tool for genotyping G. hirsutum accessions and genome analysis. ¬†Wangzhen Guo et al. BMC genomics 2017 28835210