Virus (11)

Editing Type:
Virus Aliases Classification Host Enzyme Edited Gene Editing Type Correlation Phenotype Disease
Hepatitis D virus HDV (-)ssRNA Human - - Substitution:A-to-I Positive Form a new genetic subclass of HDV genotype IIb; Promote virus replication and package
Ebola virus EBOV (-)ssRNA Human - Glycoprotein Insertion:GGGGGGGG Positive Promote virus pathogenicity
Hepatitis B virus HBV dsDNA-RT Human AID
- Substitution:G-to-A Positive Promote virus escape from the immune resistance
Human parainfluenza virus 3 HPIV3 (-)ssRNA Human - Phosphoprotein Insertion:G Negative Inhibit viral RNA synthesis
Influenza A virus IAV (-)ssRNA Mouse ADAR1 - - Negative Inhibit antiviral activity
Newcastle disease virus NDV (-)ssRNA Human - Phosphoprotein Insertion:G Not determined Generate V or W transcripts
Measles virus MVs (-)ssRNA Human - Phosphoprotein Insertion:GGGGGGGGG Positive Affect virus pathogenicity
Rinderpest virus RPV (-)ssRNA Human - Phosphoprotein - Not determined Generate V transcripts
Herpesvirus 8 HHV-8 dsDNA Human - Kaposin protein Substitution:A-to-I Negative Inhibit tumorigenic ability
Human immunodeficiency virus HIV (-)ssRNA Human ADAR1 Glycoprotein Substitution:A-to-I Not determined High editing level is found in HIV-1/TB co-infected patients after aerosol IFN-c treatment
Hepatitis C virus HCV (-)ssRNA Human ADAR1 - Substitution:A-to-I Negative Inhibit viral replication