RefSNP list on chromosome 9

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Name Position Ref. Maf Gene ID Consequence Type Effect Residue Change dbSNP rsid link
cfa39983470 Chr9:305 C T:0.01   G
cfa39983474 Chr9:415 C A:0.01   G
cfa39983476 Chr9:490 T T:0.03 rs851076739 G
cfa39983473 Chr9:379 A G:0.01   G
cfa39983471 Chr9:312 C T:0.01   G
cfa39983472 Chr9:378 C T:0.01   G
cfa39983475 Chr9:444 A G:0.01   G
cfa39983478 Chr9:545 T C:0.01   G
cfa39983477 Chr9:542 T C:0.01   G
cfa39983469 Chr9:288 G A:0.01   G