RefSNP list on chromosome 31

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Name Position Ref. Maf Gene ID Consequence Type Effect Residue Change dbSNP rsid link
cfa27352990 Chr31:971 G T:0.00   G
cfa27352988 Chr31:236 T C:0.32   G
cfa27352991 Chr31:1105 C G:0.01   G
cfa27352993 Chr31:1128 A G:0.01   G
cfa27352995 Chr31:1154 C G:0.02   G
cfa27352996 Chr31:1167 G A:0.06   G
cfa27352994 Chr31:1140 C T:0.01   G
cfa27352987 Chr31:227 G C:0.27   G
cfa27352992 Chr31:1108 C G:0.01   G
cfa27352989 Chr31:746 T G:0.24   G