RefSNP list on chromosome 18

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Name Position Ref. Maf Gene ID Consequence Type Effect Residue Change dbSNP rsid link
cfa11974704 Chr18:745 T C:0.17   G
cfa11974705 Chr18:910 C T:0.03   G
cfa11974708 Chr18:1329 G A:0.06   G
cfa11974712 Chr18:4616 A G:0.14   G
cfa11974709 Chr18:3918 C T:0.03   G
cfa11974706 Chr18:1053 A G:0.01   G
cfa11974703 Chr18:648 G A:0.04   G
cfa11974707 Chr18:1094 A G:0.05   G
cfa11974710 Chr18:3959 G T:0.06   G
cfa11974711 Chr18:4356 C T:0.02   G