RefSNP list on chromosome 16

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Name Position Ref. Maf Gene ID Consequence Type Effect Residue Change dbSNP rsid link
cfa9586044 Chr16:386 C T:0.09   G
cfa9586052 Chr16:452 C T:0.05   G
cfa9586045 Chr16:398 G A:0.01   G
cfa9586050 Chr16:433 G A:0.05   G
cfa9586046 Chr16:402 A C:0.01   G
cfa9586048 Chr16:413 G T:0.28   G
cfa9586051 Chr16:447 C G:0.00   G
cfa9586053 Chr16:458 T A:0.05   G
cfa9586049 Chr16:428 A G:0.05   G
cfa9586047 Chr16:408 T G:0.01   G