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Welcome to DoGSD

Dog Genome SNP Database (DoGSD) is a data container for the variation information of dog/wolf genomes. It was designed and constructed as an SNPs detector and visualization tool to provide the research community a useful resource for the study of dog's population, evolution, phenotype and life habit.

In the current version, DoGSD contains 19 millions non-redundant SNPs retrived from dbSNP (ver 139) and called from 77 individual smaples.

  • We provide a non-redundant dataset for all SNPs and individual list for each sample.
  • We provide two ways to view SNP, one is table-based format and the other is chromosome based GBrowse format.
  • We provide detailed information of each SNP, including original sample, sequencing platform, chromosome position, SNP annotation, 3/5 flank sequences, SNPs of same position but detected in other samples, allele frequencies of dog/wolf populations and Fst value between dog and wolf populations.
  • We provide the comparative analysis function to facilitate a quick comparison of SNPs in different samples.
  • We provide table-delimited SNP, bam/sra and fastq files of each individual in the download ftp. User can get all the data and do more deep analysis.
Bai B, Zhao WM, Tang BX, et al.(2015)."DoGSD: the dog and wolf genome SNP database." Nucleic Acids Res 43:777-783.PMID:25404132
This work contributed by Beijing Institute of Genomics (BIG) and Kunming Institute of Zoology (KIZ). BIG develops the database architecture and maintains the service, KIZ provides the data.
What's new ?
  • Version 2.0 is on line now which uses Canfam3.0 as the reference genome.
  • A total of 77 individual dog smaples are included.
  • Fst data for all the samples can be shown in Browser.
  • Google Map is integrated to show geographic locations of each individual sample.
  • updated Jul 26, 2014
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  • Individual Variation
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