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lncRNome (long noncoding RNA knowledgebase)

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Description: LncRNome is a comprehensive searchable biologically oriented knowledgebase for long noncoding RNAs in Humans.
Year founded: 2012
Last update: 2013-07-11
Version: v1.0
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Country/Region: India
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University/Institution: CSIR - Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology
Address: Mall Road,Delhi 110007,India
City: Delhi
Country/Region: India
Contact name (PI/Team): Vinod Scaria
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Created on: 2015-06-20
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Lina Ma [2018-06-13]
Chunlei Yu [2016-04-01]
Mengwei Li [2016-02-18]
Chunlei Yu [2015-06-29]


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lncRNome: a comprehensive knowledgebase of human long noncoding RNAs. [PMID: 23846593]
Bhartiya D, Pal K, Ghosh S, Kapoor S, Jalali S, Panwar B, Jain S, Sati S, Sengupta S, Sachidanandan C, Raghava GP, Sivasubbu S, Scaria V.

The advent of high-throughput genome scale technologies has enabled us to unravel a large amount of the previously unknown transcriptionally active regions of the genome. Recent genome-wide studies have provided annotations of a large repertoire of various classes of noncoding transcripts. Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) form a major proportion of these novel annotated noncoding transcripts, and presently known to be involved in a number of functionally distinct biological processes. Over 18,000 transcripts are presently annotated as lncRNA, and encompass previously annotated classes of noncoding transcripts including large intergenic noncoding RNA, antisense RNA and processed pseudogenes. There is a significant gap in the resources providing a stable annotation, cross-referencing and biologically relevant information. lncRNome has been envisioned with the aim of filling this gap by integrating annotations on a wide variety of biologically significant information into a comprehensive knowledgebase. To the best of our knowledge, lncRNome is one of the largest and most comprehensive resources for lncRNAs. Database URL:

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