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Description ImmunoSPdb is a repository of experimentally validated peptides which suppress the immune system. All information compiled in this database has been extracted from research papers and patents.
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University/Institution Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology
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Contact name (PI/Team) Gajendra P. S. Raghava
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  • ImmunoSPdb: an archive of immunosuppressive peptides. [PMID: 30753476]
    Usmani SS, Agrawal P, Sehgal M, Patel PK, Raghava GPS.

    Immunosuppression proved as a captivating therapy in several autoimmune disorders, asthma as well as in organ transplantation. Immunosuppressive peptides are specific for reducing efficacy of immune system with wide range of therapeutic implementations. `ImmunoSPdb' is a comprehensive, manually curated database of around 500 experimentally verified immunosuppressive peptides compiled from 79 research article and 32 patents. The current version comprises of 553 entries providing extensive information including peptide name, sequence, chirality, chemical modification, origin, nature of peptide, its target as well as mechanism of action, amino acid frequency and composition, etc. Data analysis revealed that most of the immunosuppressive peptides are linear (91%), are shorter in length i.e. up to 20 amino acids (62%) and have L form of amino acids (81%). About 30% peptide are either chemically modified or have end terminal modification. Most of the peptides either are derived from proteins (41%) or naturally (27%) exist. Blockage of potassium ion channel (24%) is one a major target for immunosuppressive peptides. In addition, we have annotated tertiary structure by using PEPstrMOD and I-TASSER. Many user-friendly, web-based tools have been integrated to facilitate searching, browsing and analyzing the data. We have developed a user-friendly responsive website to assist a wide range of users.

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