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Basic information
Short name TPA
Full name Third Party Annotation
Description A database that contains sequences built from the existing primary sequence data in GenBank. The sequences and corresponding annotations are experimentally supported and have been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. TPA records are retrieved through the Nucleotide Database.
Year founded
Last update & version
Accessibility Accessible
Contact information

The contact information is provided to facilitate update of database information, and it is curated based on the contact details in the database or the related publications. To ensure effective contact with database constructors, we give priority to the contact details in the database.

University/Institution National Center for Biotechnology Information
Address 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda MD, 20894 USA
City Bethesda
Country/Region United States
Contact name (PI/Team) Monica Romiti
Contact email (PI/Helpdesk)
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    • Gene genome and annotation: No. 0
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