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Short name Xeno-miRNet
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Description A comprehensive database and analytical platform to explore Xeno-miRNAs & their potential targets
URL http://xeno.mirnet.ca
Year founded 2017-05-04
Last update & version 2018-10-06
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University/Institution McGill University
Country/Region Canada
Contact name (PI/Team) Jeff Xia
Contact email (PI/Helpdesk) jeff.xia@mcgill.ca
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  • Xeno-miRNet: a comprehensive database and analytics platform to explore xeno-miRNAs and their potential targets. [PMID: 30280028]
    Yannan Fan, Maria Habib, Jianguo Xia

    Xeno-miRNAs are microRNAs originating from exogenous species detected in host biofluids. A growing number of studies have suggested that many of these xeno-miRNAs may be involved in cross-species interactions and manipulations. To date, hundreds of xeno-miRNAs have been reported in different hosts at various abundance levels. Based on computational predictions, many more miRNAs could be potentially transferred to human circulation system. There is a clear need for bioinformatics resources and tools dedicated to xeno-miRNA annotations and their potential functions. To address this need, we have systematically curated xeno-miRNAs from multiple sources, performed target predictions using well-established algorithms, and developed a user-friendly web-based tool-Xeno-miRNet-to allow researchers to search and explore xeno-miRNAs and their potential targets within different host species. Xeno-miRNet currently contains 1,702 (including both detected and predicted) xeno-miRNAs from 54 species and 98,053 potential gene targets in six hosts. The web application is freely available at http://xeno.mirnet.ca.

    PeerJ 2018:6()

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