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Short name VIETHERB
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Description A Database for Vietnamese Herbal Species
Year founded
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Availability Free to academic users only
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University/Institution hosted Ho Chi Minh International University
Address Computational Biology Center, International University-VNU, Ho Chi Minh City 700000, Vietnam
Country/Region Viet Nam
Contact name Ly Thi Le
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  • Plant
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  • Health and medicine
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  • NA
  • drug design
  • herbs
  • vietherb
  • VIETHERB: A Database for Vietnamese Herbal Species. [PMID: 30407009]
    Thanh-Hoang Nguyen-Vo, Tri Quang Minh Le, Duy Truong Pham, Tri Duc Nguyen, Phuc Hoang Le, An Duc Thien Nguyen, Thanh Duc Nguyen, Thien-Ngan Ngoc Nguyen, Vu Anh Nguyen, Hai Trong Do, Khang Trinh, Hai Trong Duong, Ly Thi Le

    Vietnam carries a highly diverse data of traditional medicine, in which various combinations of herbs were widely used as remedies for many types of diseases. Poor hand-writing records and current text-based databases, however, perplex the conventionalizing and evaluating process of the canonical therapeutic effects. In efforts to reorganize the valuable information, we provide VIETHERB database ( for herbs documented in Vietnamese traditional medicines. This database is constructed with temerity to provide users with information of herbs and other side information including metabolites, diseases, morphologies, and geographical locations for each individual species. Our data in this release consists of 2881 species, 10887 metabolites, 458 geographical locations, and 8046 therapeutic effects. The number of binary relationships of species-metabolite, species-therapeutic effect, species-morphology, and species-distribution are 17602, 2718, 11943, and 16089 respectively. The information of Vietnamese herbal species can be easily accessed or queried using their scientific names. Searching for species share side information can be simply done by clicking on the data. The database primarily serves as open sources facilitating users in studies on computer-aided drug design, statistical learning, and other experimental sciences.

    J Chem Inf Model 2018:()

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