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Short name Cellosaurus
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Description a knowledge resource on cell lines. It attempts to describe all cell lines used in biomedical research.
URL https://web.expasy.org/cellosaurus
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University/Institution Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Country/Region Switzerland
Contact name (PI/Team) Amos Bairoch
Contact email (PI/Helpdesk) ssiws.bis@hcoriab.soma
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  • The Cellosaurus, a Cell-Line Knowledge Resource. [PMID: 29805321]
    Amos Bairoch

    The Cellosaurus is a knowledge resource on cell lines. It aims to describe all cell lines used in biomedical research. Its scope encompasses both vertebrates and invertebrates. Currently, information for >100,000 cell lines is provided. For each cell line, it provides a wealth of information, cross-references, and literature citations. The Cellosaurus is available on the ExPASy server (https://web.expasy.org/cellosaurus/) and can be downloaded in a variety of formats. Among its many uses, the Cellosaurus is a key resource to help researchers identify potentially contaminated/misidentified cell lines, thus contributing to improving the quality of research in the life sciences.

    J Biomol Tech 2018:29(2)

    8 Citations (from Europe PMC, 2019-06-08)


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