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Short name miRVIT
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Description the first database of all novel grapevine miRNA candidates characterized so far, and still not deposited in miRBase.
URL http://mirvit.ipsp.cnr.it
Year founded 2018
Last update & version 2018
Accessibility Accessible
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University/Institution Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection, Italian National Research Council
Country/Region Italy
Contact name (PI/Team) Irene Perrone
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  • miRVIT: A Novel miRNA Database and Its Application to Uncover Responses to Infection. [PMID: 30065744]
    Walter Chitarra, Chiara Pagliarani, Simona Abbà, Paolo Boccacci, Giancarlo Birello, Marika Rossi, Sabrina Palmano, Cristina Marzachì, Irene Perrone, Giorgio Gambino

    Micro(mi)RNAs play crucial roles in plant developmental processes and in defense responses to biotic and abiotic stresses. In the last years, many works on small RNAs in grapevine ( spp.) were published, and several conserved and putative novel grapevine-specific miRNAs were identified. In order to reorganize the high quantity of available data, we produced "miRVIT," the first database of all novel grapevine miRNA candidates characterized so far, and still not deposited in miRBase. To this aim, each miRNA accession was renamed, repositioned in the last version of the grapevine genome, and compared with all the novel and conserved miRNAs detected in grapevine. Conserved and novel miRNAs cataloged in miRVIT were then used for analyzing plants infected by (FD), one of the most severe phytoplasma diseases affecting grapevine. The analysis of small RNAs from healthy, recovered (plants showing spontaneous and stable remission of symptoms), and FD-infected "Barbera" grapevines showed that FD altered the expression profiles of several miRNAs, including those involved in cell development and photosynthesis, jasmonate signaling, and disease resistance response. The application of miRVIT in a biological context confirmed the effectiveness of the followed approach, especially for the identification of novel miRNA candidates in grapevine. miRVIT database is available at http://mirvit.ipsp.cnr.it. The application of the newly produced database of grapevine novel miRNAs to the analysis of plants infected by reveals key roles of miRNAs in photosynthesis and jasmonate signaling.

    Front Plant Sci 2018:9()

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