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Basic information
Short name EWASdb
Full name Epigenome-Wide Association Study Database
Description EWAS is Epigenome-wide association studies. EWAS provides a systematic approach to uncovering epigenetic variants underlying common diseases/phenotypes.
URL http://www.ewas.org.cn/ewasdb
Year founded 2015
Last update & version 2018-10
Accessibility Accessible
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University/Institution Harbin Medical University
City Harbin
Province/State Heilongjiang
Country/Region China
Contact name (PI/Team) Yongshuai Jiang
Contact email (PI/Helpdesk) jiangyongshuai@gmail.com
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  • EWASdb: epigenome-wide association study database. [PMID: 30321400]
    Di Liu, Linna Zhao, Zhaoyang Wang, Xu Zhou, Xiuzhao Fan, Yong Li, Jing Xu, Simeng Hu, Miaomiao Niu, Xiuling Song, Ying Li, Lijiao Zuo, Changgui Lei, Meng Zhang, Guoping Tang, Min Huang, Nan Zhang, Lian Duan, Hongchao Lv, Mingming Zhang, Jin Li, Liangde Xu, Fanwu Kong, Rennan Feng, Yongshuai Jiang

    DNA methylation, the most intensively studied epigenetic modification, plays an important role in understanding the molecular basis of diseases. Furthermore, epigenome-wide association study (EWAS) provides a systematic approach to identify epigenetic variants underlying common diseases/phenotypes. However, there is no comprehensive database to archive the results of EWASs. To fill this gap, we developed the EWASdb, which is a part of 'The EWAS Project', to store the epigenetic association results of DNA methylation from EWASs. In its current version (v 1.0, up to July 2018), the EWASdb has curated 1319 EWASs associated with 302 diseases/phenotypes. There are three types of EWAS results curated in this database: (i) EWAS for single marker; (ii) EWAS for KEGG pathway and (iii) EWAS for GO (Gene Ontology) category. As the first comprehensive EWAS database, EWASdb has been searched or downloaded by researchers from 43 countries to date. We believe that EWASdb will become a valuable resource and significantly contribute to the epigenetic research of diseases/phenotypes and have potential clinical applications. EWASdb is freely available at http://www.ewas.org.cn/ewasdb or http://www.bioapp.org/ewasdb.

    Nucleic Acids Res 2019:47(D1)

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