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Basic information
Short name Chicken genomics resource
Full name Chicken genomics resource
Description Its accessibility, unique evolutionary position, and recently assembled genome sequence have advanced the chicken to the forefront of comparative genomics and developmental biology research as a model organism.
Year founded 2006
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Availability Free to academic users only
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University/Institution hosted University of Delaware
Address Department of Animal and Food Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, 19716, USA
City Newark
Province/State Delaware
Country/Region United States
Contact name Larry A Cogburn
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Data information
Data type(s)
  • DNA
Major organism(s)
  • Gallus gallus
  • Gene genome and annotation
  • Expression
  • Chicken genomics resource: sequencing and annotation of 35,407 ESTs from single and multiple tissue cDNA libraries and CAP3 assembly of a chicken gene index.[PMID: 16554550]
    Wilfrid Carre, Xiaofei Wang, Tom E Porter, Yves Nys, Jianshan Tang, Erin Bernberg, Robin Morgan, Joan Burnside, Samuel E Aggrey, Jean Simon, Larry A Cogburn,
    Physiol. Genomics 2006:25(3)

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