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Short name MmtDB
Full name a Metazoa mitochondrial DNA variants database
Description MmtDB is a specialised database designed to collect Metazoa mitochondrial DNA variants.
Year founded 1998
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University/Institution University of Bari Aldo Moro
Country/Region Italy
Contact name (PI/Team) M. Attimonelli
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  • Update of MmtDB: a Metazoa mitochondrial DNA variants database. [PMID: 9399815]
    M Attimonelli, D Calò, A De Montalvo, C Lanave, D Sasanelli, M Tommaseo Ponzetta, C Saccone,

    The present paper describes the improvements in MmtDB, a specialised database designed to collect Metazoa mitochondrial DNA variants. Priority in the data collection has been given to Metazoa for which a large amount of variants is available, e.g., for humans. Starting from the sequences available in the Nucleotide Sequence Databases, the redundant sequences have been removed and new sequences from other sources have been added. Value-added information is associated to each variant sequence, e.g., analysed region, experimental method, tissue and cell lines, population data, sex, age, family code and information about the variation events (nucleotide position, involved gene, restriction site gain or loss). Cross-references are introduced to the EMBL Data Library, as well as an internal cross-referencing among MmtDB entries according to tissual, heteroplasmic, familiar and aplotypical correlation. Furthermore MmtDB has a new section, AMmtDB: Aligned Metazoan mitochondrial biosequences. MmtDB can be accessed through the World Wide Web at URL[symbol: see text]areamt08/MmtDBWWW.htm

    Nucleic Acids Res 1998:26(1)

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