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Basic information
Short name Ssa miRNAs DB
Full name Online repository of in silico predicted miRNAs in Salmo salar
Description Ssa miRNAs DB is an online repository that contains information relative to miRNAs predicted in silico on Atlantic Salmon sequences from Unigene database of GenBank, GRASP and Gene Index.
Year founded 2012
Last update & version
Availability Free to all users
Contact information
University/Institution hosted Santiago de Chile University
Country/Region Chile
Contact name Rodrigo Vidal
Contact email
Data information
Data object
  • Animal
Data type
  • RNA
Database category
  • Gene genome and annotation
Major organism
  • Salmo salar
  • microRNA
  • Atlantic salmon
  • Ssa miRNAs DB: Online repository of in silico predicted miRNAs in Salmo salar. [PMID: 22493538]
    Daniela Reyes, Victoria Cepeda, Ruth González, Rodrigo Vidal,

    The Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) is a very valuable commercial salmonid species. As with other aquaculture species, intensive aquaculture of Atlantic salmon often faces disease problems especially in early life stages which can limit stable production of the species. 'Ssa miRNAs DB', a bioinformatics and manually curated database, aims at providing a comprehensive resource of microRNA in Altantic salmon, with a user friendly interface for a convenient retrieval of each entry by microRNA ID or target gene. The current version of Ssa miRNAs DB involved the prediction of 41 and 266 homologous and novel microRNAs, respectively.
    AVAILABILITY: The database is available for free at

    Bioinformation 2012:8(6)

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