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Short name pronto
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Description PrOnto is a tool to query Gene Ontology term pair functional dissimilarity based on real biological data. GO terms that co-occur less than expected by chance in a species' annotations (annotation probabilities) or in its protein-protein interaction network (interaction probabilities) are considered functionally dissimilar.
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University/Institution hosted Aix-Marseille University
Address Inserm, UMR_S1090 TAGC Marseille, France ; Aix-Marseille Université, UMR_S1090 TAGC Marseille, France ; Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Marseille, France
Country/Region France
Contact name Brun C
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  • Animal
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  • DNA
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  • Standard ontology and nomenclature
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  • Homo sapiens
  • Drosophila melanogaster
  • Mus musculus
  • protein protein interactions
  • dissimilar function
  • PrOnto database : GO term functional dissimilarity inferred from biological data. [PMID: 26089836]
    Charles E Chapple, Carl Herrmann, Christine Brun,

    Moonlighting proteins are defined by their involvement in multiple, unrelated functions. The computational prediction of such proteins requires a formal method of assessing the similarity of cellular processes, for example, by identifying dissimilar Gene Ontology terms. While many measures of Gene Ontology term similarity exist, most depend on abstract mathematical analyses of the structure of the GO tree and do not necessarily represent the underlying biology. Here, we propose two metrics of GO term functional dissimilarity derived from biological information, one based on the protein annotations and the other on the interactions between proteins. They have been collected in the PrOnto database, a novel tool which can be of particular use for the identification of moonlighting proteins. The database can be queried via an web-based interface which is freely available at

    Front Genet 2015:6()

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