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Basic information
Short name LncRNADisease
Full name Database on lncRNA-disease associations
Description The LncRNADisease database is not only a resource that curated the experimentally supported lncRNA-disease association data but also a platform that integrated tool(s) for predicting novel lncRNA-disease associatons.
URL http://www.rnanut.net/lncrnadisease/
Year founded 2012
Last update & version 2018-05-10 v1.0
Accessibility Accessible
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University/Institution Peking University
Address 38 Xueyuan Road,Beijing,100190,China
City Beijing
Country/Region China
Contact name (PI/Team) Qinghua Cui
Contact email (PI/Helpdesk) cuiqinghua@hsc.pku.edu.cn
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  • LncRNADisease 2.0: an updated database of long non-coding RNA-associated diseases. [PMID: 30285109]
    Zhenyu Bao, Zhen Yang, Zhou Huang, Yiran Zhou, Qinghua Cui, Dong Dong

    Mounting evidence suggested that dysfunction of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) is involved in a wide variety of diseases. A knowledgebase with systematic collection and curation of lncRNA-disease associations is critically important for further examining their underlying molecular mechanisms. In 2013, we presented the first release of LncRNADisease, representing a database for collection of experimental supported lncRNA-disease associations. Here, we describe an update of the database. The new developments in LncRNADisease 2.0 include (i) an over 40-fold lncRNA-disease association enhancement compared with the previous version; (ii) providing the transcriptional regulatory relationships among lncRNA, mRNA and miRNA; (iii) providing a confidence score for each lncRNA-disease association; (iv) integrating experimentally supported circular RNA disease associations. LncRNADisease 2.0 documents more than 200 000 lncRNA-disease associations. We expect that this database will continue to serve as a valuable source for potential clinical application related to lncRNAs. LncRNADisease 2.0 is freely available at http://www.rnanut.net/lncrnadisease/.

    Nucleic Acids Res 2019:47(D1)

    0 Citations (from Europe PMC, 2019-07-27)

  • LncRNADisease: a database for long-non-coding RNA-associated diseases. [PMID: 23175614]
    Geng Chen, Ziyun Wang, Dongqing Wang, Chengxiang Qiu, Mingxi Liu, Xing Chen, Qipeng Zhang, Guiying Yan, Qinghua Cui

    In this article, we describe a long-non-coding RNA (lncRNA) and disease association database (LncRNADisease), which is publicly accessible at http://cmbi.bjmu.edu.cn/lncrnadisease. In recent years, a large number of lncRNAs have been identified and increasing evidence shows that lncRNAs play critical roles in various biological processes. Therefore, the dysfunctions of lncRNAs are associated with a wide range of diseases. It thus becomes important to understand lncRNAs' roles in diseases and to identify candidate lncRNAs for disease diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. For this purpose, a high-quality lncRNA-disease association database would be extremely beneficial. Here, we describe the LncRNADisease database that collected and curated approximately 480 entries of experimentally supported lncRNA-disease associations, including 166 diseases. LncRNADisease also curated 478 entries of lncRNA interacting partners at various molecular levels, including protein, RNA, miRNA and DNA. Moreover, we annotated lncRNA-disease associations with genomic information, sequences, references and species. We normalized the disease name and the type of lncRNA dysfunction and provided a detailed description for each entry. Finally, we developed a bioinformatic method to predict novel lncRNA-disease associations and integrated the method and the predicted associated diseases of 1564 human lncRNAs into the database.

    Nucleic Acids Res 2013:41(Database issue)

    311 Citations (from Europe PMC, 2019-08-03)


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