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Short name CCMBL
Full name Comparative Cellular and Molecular Biology of Longevity
Description The CCMBL database contains a wide range of cellular and molecular trait data from vertebrate species that has been collected by comparative biologists with the goal of identifying traits that are highly correlated with longevity. Currently the CCMBL database contains about a thousand data records from almost one hundred individual studies.
Year founded 2013
Last update & version
Availability Free to academic users only
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University/Institution hosted Brock University
Country/Region Canada
Contact name Jeffrey A. Stuart
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  • Animal
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  • Other
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  • Health and medicine
  • Metadata
Major organism
  • Homo sapiens
  • longevity
  • A comparative cellular and molecular biology of longevity database. [PMID: 22836712]
    Jeffrey A Stuart, Ping Liang, Xuemei Luo, Melissa M Page, Emily J Gallagher, Casey A Christoff, Ellen L Robb,

    Discovering key cellular and molecular traits that promote longevity is a major goal of aging and longevity research. One experimental strategy is to determine which traits have been selected during the evolution of longevity in naturally long-lived animal species. This comparative approach has been applied to lifespan research for nearly four decades, yielding hundreds of datasets describing aspects of cell and molecular biology hypothesized to relate to animal longevity. Here, we introduce a Comparative Cellular and Molecular Biology of Longevity Database, available at ( ), as a compendium of comparative cell and molecular data presented in the context of longevity. This open access database will facilitate the meta-analysis of amalgamated datasets using standardized maximum lifespan (MLSP) data (from AnAge). The first edition contains over 800 data records describing experimental measurements of cellular stress resistance, reactive oxygen species metabolism, membrane composition, protein homeostasis, and genome homeostasis as they relate to vertebrate species MLSP. The purpose of this review is to introduce the database and briefly demonstrate its use in the meta-analysis of combined datasets.

    Age (Dordr) 2013:35(5)

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