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Basic information
Short name XLinkDB
Full name New Database and software tools to store and visualize protein interaction topology data
Description XLink-DB is designed to serve both as a storage site and an online data processing and visualization tool to enable analysis of large-scale cross-linked peptide datasets.
URL http://xlinkdb.gs.washington.edu/
Year founded 2012
Last update & version 2016 2.0
Availability Free to academic users only
Contact information
University/Institution hosted University of Washington
City Seattle
Country/Region United States
Contact name James E.Bruce
Contact email jimbruce@u.washington.edu
Data information
Data object
  • Animal
  • Plant
Data type
  • Protein
Database category
  • Structure
  • Interaction
Major organism
  • NA
  • protein interaction
  • cross-linked peptide
  • XLink-DB: database and software tools for storing and visualizing protein interaction topology data. [PMID: 23413830]
    Chunxiang Zheng, Chad R Weisbrod, Juan D Chavez, Jimmy K Eng, Vagisha Sharma, Xia Wu, James E Bruce,

    As large-scale cross-linking data becomes available, new software tools for data processing and visualization are required to replace manual data analysis. XLink-DB serves as a data storage site and visualization tool for cross-linking results. XLink-DB accepts data generated with any cross-linker and stores them in a relational database. Cross-linked sites are automatically mapped onto PDB structures if available, and results are compared to existing protein interaction databases. A protein interaction network is also automatically generated for the entire data set. The XLink-DB server, including examples, and a help page are available for noncommercial use at http://brucelab.gs.washington.edu/crosslinkdbv1/ . The source code can be viewed and downloaded at https://sourceforge.net/projects/crosslinkdb/?source=directory .

    J. Proteome Res. 2013:12(4)

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