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Basic information
Short name UCbase & miRfunc
Full name Ultraconserved sequences data and miRNA function
Description UCbase & miRfunc is a database of ultraconserved sequences and microRNA function.
URL http://microrna.osu.edu/.UCbase4
Year founded 2008
Last update & version 2008-10-22 v1.0
Availability Free to all users
Contact information
University/Institution hosted The Ohio State University
Address Columbus, OH 43210 USA
City Columbus
Province/State OH
Country/Region United States
Contact name Carlo Maria Croce
Contact email carlo.croce@osumc.edu
Data information
Data object
  • NA
Data type
  • RNA
Database category
  • Gene genome and annotation
  • Phylogeny and homology
Major organism
  • NA
  • microRNA
  • UCbase & miRfunc: a database of ultraconserved sequences and microRNA function. [PMID: 18945703]
    Cristian Taccioli, Enrica Fabbri, Rosa Visone, Stefano Volinia, George A Calin, Louise Y Fong, Roberto Gambari, Arianna Bottoni, Mario Acunzo, John Hagan, Marilena V Iorio, Claudia Piovan, Giulia Romano, Carlo Maria Croce

    Four hundred and eighty-one ultraconserved sequences (UCRs) longer than 200 bases were discovered in the genomes of human, mouse and rat. These are DNA sequences showing 100% identity among the three species. UCRs are frequently located at genomic regions involved in cancer, differentially expressed in human leukemias and carcinomas and in some instances regulated by microRNAs (miRNAs). Here we present UCbase & miRfunc, the first database which provides ultraconserved sequences data and shows miRNA function. Also, it links UCRs and miRNAs with the related human disorders and genomic properties. The current release contains over 2000 sequences from three species (human, mouse and rat). As a web application, UCbase & miRfunc is platform independent and it is accessible at http://microrna.osu.edu/.UCbase4.

    Nucleic acids research 2009:37(Database issue)

    17 Citations (from Europe PMC, 2019-03-16)


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