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TiSGeD (Tissue-Specific Genes Database)

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Description: The Tissue-Specific Genes Database (TISGED) is a free database that provides comprehensive information of tissue-specific genes derived from biomedical literatures and data mining of more than 123,125 gene expression profiles over 107 human tissues, 67 mouse tissues and 30 rat tissues. A statistical parameter, SPM, is introduced to quantitatively measure the relative specificity of a gene over tissues.
Year founded: 2010
Last update: 2010-05-01
Version: v1.0
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Country/Region: China
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University/Institution: Xiamen University
Address: Key Laboratory for Cell Biology and Tumor Cell Engineering, the Ministry of Education of China, School of Life Sciences and The Key Laboratory for Chemical Biology of Fujian Province, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, Fujian, P. R. China
City: Xiamen
Province/State: Fujian
Country/Region: China
Contact name (PI/Team): Zhi-Liang Ji
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Created on: 2015-06-30
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Mengwei Li [2016-02-16]
Zhang Zhang [2016-01-03]
Guangyu Wang [2015-11-30]
Shixiang Sun [2015-06-30]


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TiSGeD: a database for tissue-specific genes. [PMID: 20223836]
Xiao SJ, Zhang C, Zou Q, Ji ZL.

The tissue-specific genes are a group of genes whose function and expression are preferred in one or several tissues/cell types. Identification of these genes helps better understanding of tissue-gene relationship, etiology and discovery of novel tissue-specific drug targets. In this study, a statistical method is introduced to detect tissue-specific genes from more than 123 125 gene expression profiles over 107 human tissues, 67 mouse tissues and 30 rat tissues. As a result, a novel subject-specialized repository, namely the tissue-specific genes database (TiSGeD), is developed to represent the analyzed results. Auxiliary information of tissue-specific genes was also collected from biomedical literatures.

Bioinformatics. 2010:26(9) | 63 Citations (from Europe PMC, 2020-02-15)