The 4th Big Data Forum for Life and Health Sciences (October 13-16, 2019)

Biological research has entered the era of big data, including a wide variety of omics data and covering a broad range of health data. Such big data is generated at ever-growing rates and distributed throughout the world with heterogeneous standards and diverse limited access capabilities. However, the promise to translate these big data into big knowledge can be realized only if they are publicly shared. Thus, providing open access to omics & health big data is essential for expedited translation of big data into big knowledge and is becoming increasingly vital in advancing scientific research and promoting human healthcare and precise medical treatment.

Open Biodiversity & Health Big Data

It is our great pleasure to announce that the 2019 Big Data Forum for Life and Health Sciences will be held in October 13-16, 2019. A few renowned biomedical data scientists have agreed to give speeches. Likely, you are also cordially invited to share your work and participate in this excited event.

Looking forward to seeing you in Beijing, China! We will be working hard to ensure your stay not only a fruitful one, but also an enjoyable one!


Organizing Committee

  • Yiming Bao (BIG, CAS)
  • Zhang Zhang (BIG, CAS)
  • Wenming Zhao (BIG, CAS)
  • Jingfa Xiao (BIG, CAS)
  • Songnian Hu (BIG, CAS)
  • Jun Yu (BIG, CAS)
  • Jingchu Luo (Peking University)

Previous Conferences


October 13: Pick-up & Registration
October 14-16: Talks