Accession SAMC187869
Accession in Other Database NCBI: SAMN14332760
Sample name fecal swab
Title fecal swab
Sample type Clinical or host-associated pathogen
Organism Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
Description Pathogen: clinical or host-associated sample from Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
Isolate not collected
Strain not collected
Collected by clinicians
Collection date 2020-02-22
Geographic location not applicable
Host Homo sapiens
Host disease pneumonia complicated by diarrhea
Isolation source feca swab
Latitude and longitude not collected
Culture collection
Host age
Host description
Host disease stage
Host health state
Host sex not applicable
Host subject id
Host tissue sampled
Passage history
Specimen voucher
Release date 2020-05-26
Accession PRJCA002738
Submitter This record was originated from NCBI and submitted by NGDC.
Organization BGI
Submission date 2020-05-26

Sample Data

Resource name Description
GSA (1) -
CRA002693 SARS-CoV-2 sequencing
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