Accession SAMC088937
Sample name NP2.20.3
Title NP2.20.3
Sample type Environmental/Metagenome Genomic Sequences -- soil
Organisms soil metagenome
Description Responses of wetland soil bacterial community and function to two-year experimental warming and Spartina alterniflora invasion in Chongming Island
Collection date2018-04-27
environment biomeSoil
environment featurewetland area [ENVO:00000043],saline wetland [ENVO:00000240]
environment materialwetland area [ENVO:00000043],saline wetland [ENVO:00000240]
Geographic locationChina:Shanghai,Chongming
Latitude and longitude31.63 N 121.97 E
agrochemical additions
aluminium saturation
aluminium saturation method
annual and seasonal precipitation
annual and seasonal temperature
crop rotation
current land use
current vegetation
current vegetation method
drainage classification
extreme event
extreme salinity
FAO classification
heavy metals
heavy metals method
horizon method
links to additional analysis
link to classification information
link to climate information
local classification
local classification method
microbial biomass
microbial biomass method
miscellaneous parameter
pH method
pooling of DNA extracts
previous land use
previous land use method
profile position
salinity method
slope aspect
soil type
slope gradient
soil type method
storage conditions
texture method
total N method
total nitrogen
total organic carbon method
total organic carbon
water content of soil
water content of soil method
sample volume or weight for DNA extraction
Reference for biomaterial
Relationship to oxygen
Sample collection device or method
Sample material processing
Sample size
source material identifiers
Isolation source
Custom Attributes
Release date 2019-08-08
Accession PRJCA001644
Submitter Dianming  Wu  (
Organization East China Normal University
Submission date 2019-08-08

Sample Data

Resource name Description
GSA (1) -
CRA001884 Soil warming and Spartina alterniflora invasion