Accession SAMC045489
Sample name DKO_Nf177_K4me3
Title DKO_Nf177_K4me3
Sample type Model organism or animal sample
Organisms Mus musculus
Description 1x10^6 Nf1cKO BM cKit+ cells were fixed with 1% formaldehyde, lysates were sonicated and the DNA was sheared to an average length of 300 to 500 bp. Protein-DNA complexes were isolated with H3K4me3-specific antibodies.
Age 4 month(s)
Biomaterial provider Feng-Chun Yang
Sex male
Tissue Bone marrow
Birth date
Birth location
Breed history
Breed method
Cell line
Cell subtype
Cell type cKit+ cell
Collected by
Culture collection
Death date
Development stage
Disease stage
Genotype Nf1 cKO
Geographic location
Growth protocol
Health state
Isolation source
Latitude and longitude
Specimen voucher
Storage conditions
Stud book number
Release date 2019-01-01
Accession PRJCA000678
Submitter Fuhong  He  (
Organization Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Submission date 2018-08-29

Sample Data

Resource name Description
GSA (1) -
CRA000668 ChIP-seq data for cKit+ cells from Asxl1/Nf1 mutant mice