Accession SAMC016304
Sample name HONO denitrification in Finthen soil
Title HONO denitrification
Sample type Environmental, food or other pathogen
Organism Proteobacteria
Description Soil samples that had the potential to emit HONO at high water content (> 80% WHC) were taken from the upper layer of the soils. Subsamples from homogenized soil sample S1 were measured using the dynamic chamber system. Six replicates of the soil sample were taken from the measured soil when the measurements were stopped at different soil water content, and then immediately stored at -80 °C until use.
Collected by Dianming Wu
Collection date 2014-03-25
Geographic location Germany: Mainz-Finthen
Isolation source wheat field soil
Latitude and longitude 49.97 N 8.16 E
Culture collection
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Release Date 2019-02-09
Accession PRJCA000532
Submitter Dianming  Wu  (
Organization East China Normal University
Submission Date 2017-08-27

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CRA000459 HONO denitrification
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