Accession PRJCA003200
Title The mutational fingerprints of soybean
Relevance Agricultural
Data types Whole genome sequencing
Organisms Glycine max
Description Soybean is one of most important source of oil and protein for both human and livestock. Expanding soybean demand urges soybean breeders to rapidly select improved varieties through integration of genomics approaches with traditional breeding. However, lack of gene-indexed mutant population impedes functional genomic studies in soybean. Here we developed an EMS-induced mutant population for soybean and characterize mutations in 1,044 mutant lines using whole-genome sequencing. We identified 6,774,731 point mutations in genome, representing an average mutation density of 6.7 mutations per kb for the population. A total of 419,320 non-synonymous mutations were detected in coding sequencing of 49,153 genes, which account for 92.9% all annotated protein-coding genes in soybean genome. In addition, 1,018 and 401 genes were affected by small indels and large deletions. We found CHH methylation were obviously decreased by a loss-of-function mutation in GmDCL3 gene, revealing effectiveness of this mutant collection for reverse genetics. We established an open access website to provide mutation information and distribute seed stocks. This sequenced mutant population offers a valuable resource for functional genomics and will further benefit molecular breeding in soybean community.
Sample scope Multiisolate
Release date 2021-02-20
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
Nanjing Agricultural University N/A
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Submitter Qingxin    Song  (
Organization Nanjing Agricultural University
Submission date 2020-08-06

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CRA003061 Whole genome sequencing of soybean EMS-induced mutant population