Accession PRJCA001590
Title Wax gourd fruit RNA-seq raw reads
Relevance Agricultural
Data Types Raw sequence reads
Organisms Benincasa hispida
Description Wax gourd fruit at three (0,10 and 20 days after pollination[DAP]) developmental stages for both wax gourd accession B227 bearing large fruit and B214 with small fruit.
Sample scope Multiisolate
Release date 2019-07-20
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China (MOST) 2016YFD0100307
Submitter Yuan    Xu  (
Organization Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Submission date 2019-07-20

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (18) -
SAMC079262 WG_fruit_T18
SAMC079261 WG_fruit_T17
SAMC079260 WG_fruit_T16
SAMC079259 WG_fruit_T15
SAMC079258 WG_fruit_T14
SAMC079257 WG_fruit_T13
SAMC079256 WG_fruit_T12
SAMC079255 WG_fruit_T11
SAMC079254 WG_fruit_T10
SAMC079253 WG_fruit_T9
SAMC079252 WG_fruit_T8
SAMC079251 WG_fruit_T7
SAMC079250 WG_fruit_T6
SAMC079249 WG_fruit_T5
SAMC079248 WG_fruit_T4
SAMC079247 WG_fruit_T3
SAMC079246 WG_fruit_T2
SAMC079245 WG_fruit_T1
GSA (1) -
CRA001814 Wax gourd fruit RNA-seq