Accession PRJCA001291
Title Sequencing Kluyveromyces marxianus before and after adaptive ethanol evolution
Relevance Industrial
Data Types Whole genome sequencing
Genome sequencing
Organisms Kluyveromyces marxianus
Description Kluyveromyces marxianus, the known fastest-growing eukaryote on Earth, has remarkable thermotolerance and capacity to utilize various agricultural residues to produce low cost bioethanol, hence is industrially important to resolve the imminent energy shortage crisis. Currently, the poor ethanol tolerance hinders its operable application on industry, and it is necessary to improve K. marxianus' ethanol resistance and unravel the underlying systematical mechanisms. However, this has been seldomly reported to date. We carried out the wild-type haploid K. marxianus in an adaptive ethanol evolution. After one hundred-day evolution, the evolved population was obtained, and its ethanol tolerance increased. To identify the DNA variation between pre- and post-evolution, we performed DNA-seq analysis, and present the data here.
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2019-02-22
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
30949239 Kluyveromyces marxianus developing ethanol tolerance during adaptive evolution with significant improvements of multiple pathways Biotechnology for Biofuels 10.1186/s13068-019-1393-z 2019
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) General Program 31770094
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Major Research Plan 91731310
Submitter Wenjuan    Mo  (
Organization Fudan University
Submission date 2019-02-21

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (4) -
SAMC060701 WGS of KM100 (6% ethanal)
SAMC060700 WGS of KM-1 (6% ethanal)
SAMC060699 WGS of KM100 (0% ethanal)
SAMC060698 WGS of KM-1 (0% ethanal)
GSA (1) -
CRA001456 Sequencing Kluyveromyces marxianus before and after adaptive ethanol evolution