Accession PRJCA001284
Title Resequencing data of five Pyrus accessions
Relevance Evolution
Data types Genome sequencing
Organisms Pyrus pyrifolia
Pyrus ussuriensis
Pyrus communis
Description Five Pyrus accessions were sequenced.
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2019-03-13
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
No funding support
Submitter Shuang    Jiang  (
Organization Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Submission date 2019-02-19

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (5) -
SAMC058636 P. communis 'Abate Fetel'
SAMC058635 P. ussuriensis 'Huagai'
SAMC058634 P. ussuriensis 'Nanguo'
SAMC058632 P. pyrifolia 'Hosui '
SAMC058633 P. pyrifolia 'Cuiguan '
GSA (1) -
CRA001435 Genome sequencing data of five Pyrus accessions