Accession PRJCA001140
Title Wax gourd Genome Re-sequencing raw reads
Relevance Agricultural
Data Types Raw sequence reads
Organisms Benincasa hispida
Description Wax gourd 146 accessions raw reads
Sample scope Multiisolate
Release date 2019-05-01
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China (MOST) 2016YFD0100307
Submitter Yuan  chao  Xu  (
Organization Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Submission date 2018-11-26

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (146) -
SAMC049699 WG_T146
SAMC049698 WG_T145
SAMC049697 WG_T144
SAMC049696 WG_T143
SAMC049695 WG_T142
SAMC049694 WG_T141
SAMC049693 WG_T140
SAMC049692 WG_T139
SAMC049691 WG_T138
SAMC049690 WG_T137
SAMC049689 WG_T136
SAMC049688 WG_T135
SAMC049687 WG_T134
SAMC049686 WG_T133
SAMC049685 WG_T132
SAMC049684 WG_T131
SAMC049683 WG_T130
SAMC049682 WG_T129
SAMC049681 WG_T128
SAMC049680 WG_T127
SAMC049679 WG_T126
SAMC049678 WG_T125
SAMC049677 WG_T124
SAMC049676 WG_T123
SAMC049675 WG_T122
SAMC049674 WG_T121
SAMC049673 WG_T120
SAMC049672 WG_T119
SAMC049671 WG_T118
SAMC049670 WG_T117
SAMC049669 WG_T116
SAMC049668 WG_T115
SAMC049667 WG_T114
SAMC049666 WG_T113
SAMC049665 WG_T112
SAMC049664 WG_T111
SAMC049663 WG_T110
SAMC049662 WG_T109
SAMC049661 WG_T108
SAMC049660 WG_T107
SAMC049659 WG_T106
SAMC049658 WG_T105
SAMC049657 WG_T104
SAMC049656 WG_T103
SAMC049655 WG_T102
SAMC049654 WG_T101
SAMC049653 WG_T100
SAMC049652 WG_T99
SAMC049651 WG_T98
SAMC049650 WG_T97
SAMC049649 WG_T96
SAMC049648 WG_T95
SAMC049647 WG_T94
SAMC049646 WG_T93
SAMC049645 WG_T92
SAMC049644 WG_T91
SAMC049643 WG_T90
SAMC049642 WG_T89
SAMC049641 WG_T88
SAMC049640 WG_T87
SAMC049639 WG_T86
SAMC049638 WG_T85
SAMC049637 WG_T84
SAMC049636 WG_T83
SAMC049635 WG_T82
SAMC049634 WG_T81
SAMC049633 WG_T80
SAMC049632 WG_T79
SAMC049631 WG_T78
SAMC049630 WG_T77
SAMC049629 WG_T76
SAMC049628 WG_T75
SAMC049627 WG_T74
SAMC049626 WG_T73
SAMC049625 WG_T72
SAMC049624 WG_T71
SAMC049623 WG_T70
SAMC049622 WG_T69
SAMC049621 WG_T68
SAMC049620 WG_T67
SAMC049619 WG_T66
SAMC049618 WG_T65
SAMC049617 WG_T64
SAMC049616 WG_T63
SAMC049615 WG_T62
SAMC049614 WG_T61
SAMC049613 WG_T60
SAMC049612 WG_T59
SAMC049611 WG_T58
SAMC049610 WG_T57
SAMC049609 WG_T56
SAMC049608 WG_T55
SAMC049607 WG_T54
SAMC049606 WG_T53
SAMC049605 WG_T52
SAMC049604 WG_T51
SAMC049603 WG_T50
SAMC049602 WG_T49
SAMC049601 WG_T48
SAMC049600 WG_T47
SAMC049599 WG_T46
SAMC049598 WG_T45
SAMC049597 WG_T44
SAMC049596 WG_T43
SAMC049595 WG_T42
SAMC049594 WG_T41
SAMC049593 WG_T40
SAMC049592 WG_T39
SAMC049591 WG_T38
SAMC049590 WG_T37
SAMC049589 WG_T36
SAMC049588 WG_T35
SAMC049587 WG_T34
SAMC049586 WG_T33
SAMC049585 WG_T32
SAMC049584 WG_T31
SAMC049583 WG_T30
SAMC049582 WG_T29
SAMC049581 WG_T28
SAMC049580 WG_T27
SAMC049579 WG_T26
SAMC049578 WG_T25
SAMC049577 WG_T24
SAMC049576 WG_T23
SAMC049575 WG_T22
SAMC049574 WG_T21
SAMC049573 WG_T20
SAMC049572 WG_T19
SAMC049571 WG_T18
SAMC049570 WG_T17
SAMC049569 WG_T16
SAMC049568 WG_T15
SAMC049567 WG_T14
SAMC049566 WG_T13
SAMC049565 WG_T12
SAMC049564 WG_T11
SAMC049563 WG_T10
SAMC049562 WG_T9
SAMC049561 WG_T8
SAMC049560 WG_T7
SAMC049559 WG_T6
SAMC049558 WG_T5
SAMC049557 WG_T4
SAMC049556 WG_T3
SAMC049555 WG_T2
SAMC049554 WG_T1
GSA (1) -
CRA001259 Wax gourd GRS