Accession PRJCA001077
Title Tracing the mutual evolution between Epstein-Barr virus and its associated gastric carcinoma
Relevance Medical
Data Types Epigenomics
Genome sequencing
Organisms Homo sapiens
Description We applied whole-exome sequencing, EBV genome sequencing and whole-genome bisulfite sequencing to multiple samples derived from the same patient, which covered different histological stages from morphologically normal epithelial tissues to dysplasia and EBVaGCs.
Sample scope Multispecies
Release date 2019-08-01
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China (MOST) National Key Research and Development Program 2016YFC0900102
Submitter Zhanghua    Chen  (
Organization Peking University
Submission date 2018-10-17

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (143) -
SAMC047545 P8-C4
SAMC047544 P8-C3
SAMC047543 P7-Sa
SAMC047542 P29-Sa
SAMC047541 P28-Sa
SAMC047540 P28-C
SAMC047539 P27-Sa
SAMC047538 P27-C
SAMC047537 P26-Sa
SAMC047536 P26-C
SAMC047535 P25-Sa
SAMC047534 P25-C
SAMC047533 P22-Sa
SAMC047532 P21-Sa
SAMC047531 P18-Sa
SAMC047530 P17-Sa
SAMC047529 P9-C4
SAMC047528 P9-C3
SAMC047527 P9-C2
SAMC047526 P9-C1
SAMC047525 P9-B
SAMC047524 P8-N
SAMC047523 P8-LD1
SAMC047522 P8-LD2
SAMC047521 P8-C1
SAMC047520 P8-B
SAMC047519 P7-N
SAMC047518 P7-LD
SAMC047517 P7-C4
SAMC047516 P7-C3
SAMC047515 P7-C2
SAMC047514 P7-C1
SAMC047513 P7-B
SAMC047512 P5-LD
SAMC047511 P5-C4
SAMC047510 P5-C3
SAMC047509 P5-C2
SAMC047508 P5-C1
SAMC047507 P5-B
SAMC047506 P4-LD
SAMC047505 P4-C4
SAMC047504 P4-C3
SAMC047503 P4-B
SAMC047502 P24-HD2
SAMC047501 P24-HD1
SAMC047500 P24-C2
SAMC047499 P24-C1
SAMC047498 P24-B
SAMC047497 P23-N
SAMC047496 P23-HD
SAMC047495 P23-C4
SAMC047494 P23-C3
SAMC047493 P23-C2
SAMC047492 P23-C1
SAMC047491 P23-B
SAMC047490 P22-HD
SAMC047489 P22-C3
SAMC047488 P22-C2
SAMC047487 P22-C1
SAMC047486 P22-B
SAMC047485 P21-N
SAMC047484 P21-LD1
SAMC047483 P21-C3
SAMC047482 P21-C2
SAMC047481 P21-LD2
SAMC047480 P21-B
SAMC047479 P20-N
SAMC047478 P20-LD2
SAMC047477 P20-LD1
SAMC047476 P20-C2
SAMC047475 P20-C1
SAMC047474 P20-B
SAMC047473 P19-N
SAMC047472 P19-LD2
SAMC047471 P19-LD1
SAMC047470 P19-C2
SAMC047469 P19-C1
SAMC047468 P19-B
SAMC047467 P18-HD
SAMC047466 P18-C3
SAMC047465 P18-C2
SAMC047464 P18-C1
SAMC047463 P18-B
SAMC047462 P17-N2
SAMC047461 P17-LD
SAMC047460 P17-C3
SAMC047459 P17-C2
SAMC047458 P17-C1
SAMC047457 P17-B
SAMC047456 P16-N
SAMC047455 P16-LD1
SAMC047454 P16-C4
SAMC047453 P16-C3
SAMC047452 P16-LD2
SAMC047451 P16-C1
SAMC047450 P16-B
SAMC047449 P15-N2
SAMC047448 P15-N1
SAMC047447 P15-HD2
SAMC047446 P15-HD1
SAMC047445 P15-C4
SAMC047444 P15-C3
SAMC047443 P15-C2
SAMC047442 P15-C1
SAMC047441 P15-B
SAMC047440 P14-N2
SAMC047439 P14-N1
SAMC047438 P14-LD
SAMC047437 P14-C3
SAMC047436 P14-C2
SAMC047435 P14-C1
SAMC047434 P14-B
SAMC047433 P13-N1
SAMC047432 P13-LD
SAMC047431 P13-C5
SAMC047430 P13-C4
SAMC047429 P13-C3
SAMC047428 P13-C2
SAMC047427 P13-C1
SAMC047426 P13-B
SAMC047425 P12-N2
SAMC047424 P12-N1
SAMC047423 P12-HD
SAMC047422 P12-C4
SAMC047421 P12-C3
SAMC047420 P12-C2
SAMC047419 P12-C1
SAMC047418 P12-B
SAMC047417 P11-N
SAMC047416 P11-LD2
SAMC047415 P11-C4
SAMC047414 P11-C3
SAMC047413 P11-C2
SAMC047412 P11-C1
SAMC047411 P11-B
SAMC047410 P10-N
SAMC047409 P10-LD2
SAMC047408 P10-LD1
SAMC047407 P10-HD
SAMC047406 P10-C3
SAMC047405 P10-C2
SAMC047404 P10-C1
SAMC047403 P10-B
GSA (1) -
CRA001177 Tracing the mutual evolution between Epstein-Barr virus and its associated gastric carcinoma