Accession PRJCA001034
Title Contributions of different light qualities to tea plant growth and development
Relevance Agricultural
Data types Transcriptome or Gene expression
Organisms Camellia sinensis var. sinensis
Description Light quality as an important signaling component has a profound effect on plant growth and development. To elucidate the plastic response mechanisms to the ever-changing light environment, transcriptome of tea plants grown under different light quality conditions were analyzed by using RNA-seq technologies.
Sample scope Multiisolate
Release date 2020-09-15
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
30721059 Regulation of growth and flavonoids formation of tea plant (Camellia sinensis) by blue and green light Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 10.1021/acs.jafc.8b07050 2019
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences CAAS ASTIP 2017 TRICAAS
Ministry of Agriculture of China through the Earmarked Fund for China Agriculture Research System CARS 019
Submitter Chao    Zheng  (
Organization Tea Research Institute of the Chinese academy of Agriculture Sciences
Submission date 2018-09-14

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (4) -
SAMC046117 Control (LQ)
SAMC046116 Blue-green light treatment
SAMC046115 Green light treatment
SAMC046114 Blue light treatment
GSA (1) -
CRA001119 Light quality treatment