Accession PRJCA001005
Title Microbiota of the different gastrointestinal regions of Bar-headed geese (cloacae section)
Data Types High throughput 16S rRNA gene sequencing
Organisms Anser indicus
Description In the current study, the microbiota from each of five different gastrointestinal regions including the oropharynxs, crops, gizzards, ceca and cloacae, of three semi-artificially reared Bar-headed geese was studied by analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequences.
Sample scope Environment
Release date 2018-08-25
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
Qinghai Science & Technology Department. 2018ZJ932Q
Submitter Wen    Wang  (
Organization Qinghai University
Submission date 2018-08-25

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (3) -
SAMC045563 Cloacae_3
SAMC045562 Cloacae_2
SAMC045561 Cloacae_1
GSA (1) -
CRA001089 High through-put 16S rRNA sequencing data of the Cloacae of the Bar-headed goose.