Accession PRJCA000975
Title m5C hypermethylation promotes the pathogenesis of urothelial carcinoma of the bladder
Relevance Medical
Data Types Epigenomics
Transcriptome or Gene expression
Organisms Homo sapiens
Description RNA modifications, especially N6-methyladenosine (m6A), have been proven to participate in diverse cellular functions and process. 5-methylcytosine (m5C) is another important RNA modification, however, both its distribution and regulatory role in pathological conditions (such as cancers) remain unknown. Herein, we provide the first landscapes of m5C modification at single-nucleotide resolution on mRNAs from human urothelial carcinoma of the bladder (UCB). We identified multiple m5C hypermethylation sites on numerous upregulated mRNAs of proto-oncogenes in UCB tissues.
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2019-06-11
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China (MOST) 2016YFC0900300
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) 31430022
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) 31625016
Submitter sun    baofa  (
Organization Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Submission date 2018-07-31

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (145) -
SAMC064564 RNA_input
SAMC064561 YBX1_PARCLIP_rep2
SAMC064560 YBX1_PARCLIP_rep1
SAMC044839 siNSUN2-BS
SAMC044838 siControl-BS
SAMC044837 siNSUN2-T_rep2
SAMC044836 siNSUN2-T_rep1
SAMC044835 siControl-T_rep2
SAMC044834 siControl-T_rep1
SAMC044832 T3800_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044831 T3750_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044830 T3740_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044829 T3660_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044828 T3635_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044827 T3614_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044826 T3560_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044825 T3515_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044824 T3451_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044823 T3403_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044822 T3371_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044821 T3357_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044820 T3282_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044819 T3196_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044818 T3143_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044817 T3138_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044816 T2804_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044815 T2771_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044814 T2759_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044813 T2644_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044812 T2347_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044811 T2297_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044810 T2226_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044809 T2224_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044808 T1664_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044807 T1495_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044806 T1067_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044805 T1037_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044804 T0982_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044803 T0565_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044802 T0555_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044801 T0531_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044800 T0474_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044799 T0466_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044798 T0453_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044797 T0156_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044796 N3880_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044795 N3740_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044794 N3635_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044793 N3522_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044792 N3467_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044791 N3451_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044790 N3143_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044789 N3138_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044788 N3111_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044787 N2804_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044786 N2759_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044785 N2688_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044784 N2347_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044783 N2297_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044782 N2224_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044781 N1691_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044780 N1664_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044779 N1495_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044778 N1067_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044777 N1063_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044776 N1037_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044775 N0897_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044774 N0565_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044773 N0555_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044772 N0531_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044771 N0474_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044770 N0466_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044769 N0453_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044768 N0156_RNA-BisSeq
SAMC044767 T3800_RNAseq
SAMC044766 T3750_RNAseq
SAMC044765 T3740_RNAseq
SAMC044764 T3660_RNAseq
SAMC044763 T3635_RNAseq
SAMC044762 T3614_RNAseq
SAMC044761 T3560_RNAseq
SAMC044760 T3515_RNAseq
SAMC044759 T3451_RNAseq
SAMC044758 T3403_RNAseq
SAMC044757 T3371_RNAseq
SAMC044756 T3357_RNAseq
SAMC044755 T3282_RNAseq
SAMC044754 T3196_RNAseq
SAMC044753 T3143_RNAseq
SAMC044752 T3138_RNAseq
SAMC044751 T2804_RNAseq
SAMC044750 T2771_RNAseq
SAMC044749 T2759_RNAseq
SAMC044748 T2644_RNAseq
SAMC044747 T2347_RNAseq
SAMC044746 T2297_RNAseq
SAMC044745 T2226_RNAseq
SAMC044744 T2224_RNAseq
SAMC044743 T1664_RNAseq
SAMC044742 T1495_RNAseq
SAMC044741 T1067_RNAseq
SAMC044740 T1037_RNAseq
SAMC044739 T0982_RNAseq
SAMC044738 T0565_RNAseq
SAMC044737 T0555_RNAseq
SAMC044736 T0531_RNAseq
SAMC044735 T0474_RNAseq
SAMC044734 T0466_RNAseq
SAMC044733 T0453_RNAseq
SAMC044732 T0156_RNAseq
SAMC044731 N3800_RNAseq
SAMC044730 N3740_RNAseq
SAMC044729 N3635_RNAseq
SAMC044728 N3522_RNAseq
SAMC044727 N3467_RNAseq
SAMC044726 N3451_RNAseq
SAMC044725 N3143_RNAseq
SAMC044724 N3138_RNAseq
SAMC044723 N3111_RNAseq
SAMC044722 N2804_RNAseq
SAMC044721 N2759_RNAseq
SAMC044720 N2688_RNAseq
SAMC044719 N2347_RNAseq
SAMC044718 N2297_RNAseq
SAMC044717 N2224_RNAseq
SAMC044716 N1691_RNAseq
SAMC044715 N1664_RNAseq
SAMC044714 N1495_RNAseq
SAMC044713 N1067_RNAseq
SAMC044712 N1063_RNAseq
SAMC044711 N1037_RNAseq
SAMC044710 N0897_RNAseq
SAMC044709 N0565_RNAseq
SAMC044708 N0555_RNAseq
SAMC044707 N0531_RNAseq
SAMC044706 N0474_RNAseq
SAMC044705 N0466_RNAseq
SAMC044704 N0453_RNAseq
SAMC044703 N0156_RNAseq
GSA (1) -
CRA001050 m5C hypermethylation promotes the pathogenesis of urothelial carcinoma of the bladder