Accession PRJCA000919
Title Transcriptomic landscape of von Economo neurons in human anterior cingulate cortices revealed by microdissected-cell RNA sequencing
Relevance Evolution
Data Types Transcriptome or Gene expression
Organisms Homo sapiens
Description The von Economo neurons (VENs) are specialized large bipolar projection neurons with restrictive distribution in the human brain, and they are far more abundant in humans than in nonhuman primates, an implication of their contribution to human cognition. However, VEN functions remain elusive due to the difficulty of isolating VENs and dissecting their connections in the brain. Here we combined laser-capture-microdissection with RNA sequencing to describe the transcriptomic profile of VENs from human anterior cingulate cortices (ACC). Using pyramidal neurons as reference cells, we identified 344 genes with VEN-specific expression changes, including 215 upregulated and 129 downregulated genes. Functional enrichment and protein-protein interaction network analyses showed that these VEN-specific genes are likely involved in VEN morphogenesis and functions, such as dendrite branching and axon myelination, and many of them are associated with human social-emotional disorders. With the use of in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry assays, we validated four novel VEN markers (VAT1L, CHST8, LYPD1 and SULF2). Collectively, we generated a full-spectrum expression profile of VENs from human ACC, greatly enlarging the pool of genes with VEN-specific expression changes that is highly informative to understand the role of VENs in normal and disordered human brains.
Sample scope microdissected-cell RNA sequencing
Release date 2018-12-09
Biomaterial provider Chinese Brain Bank Center
Submitter Yandong    Yang  (
Organization Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Submission date 2018-06-28

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (41) -
SAMC044163 L3P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044162 VEN (B24) in ACC
SAMC044161 L5P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044160 L5P (B32) in ACC
SAMC044159 L3P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044158 VEN (B24) in ACC
SAMC044157 L5P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044156 L5P (B32) in ACC
SAMC044155 L3P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044154 VEN (B24) in ACC
SAMC044153 L5P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044152 L5P (B32) in ACC
SAMC044151 L3P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044150 VEN (B24) in ACC
SAMC044149 L5P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044148 L5P (B32) in ACC
SAMC044147 L3P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044146 VEN (B24) in ACC
SAMC044145 L5P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044144 L5P (B32) in ACC
SAMC044143 L3P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044142 VEN (B24) in ACC
SAMC044141 L5P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044140 L5P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044139 L5P (B32) in ACC
SAMC044138 L3P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044137 VEN (B24) in ACC
SAMC044136 L5P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044135 L5P (B32) in ACC
SAMC044134 L3P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044133 VEN (B24) in ACC
SAMC044132 L5P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044131 L5P (B32) in ACC
SAMC044130 L3P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044129 VEN (B24) in ACC
SAMC044128 L5P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044127 L5P (B32) in ACC
SAMC044126 L3P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044125 VEN (B24) in ACC
SAMC044124 L5P (B24) in ACC
SAMC044123 L5P (B32) in ACC
GSA (1) -
CRA002046 Transcriptomic landscape of von Economo neurons in human anterior cingulate cortices revealed by microdissected-cell RNA sequencing