Accession PRJCA000883
Title SNPs discovery in tea plants
Data Types Raw sequence reads
Organisms Camellia sinensis
Description Genotyping by sequencing in tea plants (Camellia sinensis): Genome-wide SNP discovery and genetic relationships identification
Sample scope Multiisolate
Release date 2018-05-22
Submitter dahe    Qiao  (
Organization Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Science
Submission date 2018-05-22

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (154) -
SAMC042919 ZZ1_S154
SAMC042918 ZJ1_S153
SAMC042917 YT9_S152
SAMC042916 YT8_S151
SAMC042915 YT6_S150
SAMC042914 YT5_S149
SAMC042913 YT4_S148
SAMC042912 YT3_S147
SAMC042911 YT23_S146
SAMC042910 YT22_S145
SAMC042909 YT21_S144
SAMC042908 YT20_S143
SAMC042907 YT2_S142
SAMC042906 YT19_S141
SAMC042905 YT18_S140
SAMC042904 YT15_S139
SAMC042903 YT14_S138
SAMC042902 YT13_S137
SAMC042901 YT12_S136
SAMC042900 YT11_S135
SAMC042899 YT10_S134
SAMC042898 YT1_S133
SAMC042897 YG0843_S132
SAMC042896 TX4_S131
SAMC042895 TX3_S130
SAMC042894 TX2_S129
SAMC042893 TX1_S128
SAMC042892 TC12_S127
SAMC042891 TB0322_S126
SAMC042890 QZ2_S125
SAMC042889 QZ1_S124
SAMC042888 QM809_S123
SAMC042887 QM701_S122
SAMC042886 QM601_S121
SAMC042885 QM502_S120
SAMC042884 QM419_S119
SAMC042883 QM308_S118
SAMC042882 QF4_S117
SAMC042881 QC8_S116
SAMC042880 QC7_S115
SAMC042879 QC1_S114
SAMC042878 NW_S113
SAMC042877 MS131_S112
SAMC042876 MP1_S111
SAMC042875 LJ43_S110
SAMC042874 JG1_S109
SAMC042873 JA9_S108
SAMC042872 JA8_S107
SAMC042871 JA7_S106
SAMC042870 JA6_S105
SAMC042869 JA5_S104
SAMC042868 JA4_S103
SAMC042867 JA3_S102
SAMC042866 JA2_S101
SAMC042865 JA10_S100
SAMC042864 JA1_S99
SAMC042863 J1_S98
SAMC042862 GYH9_S97
SAMC042861 GYH8_S96
SAMC042860 GYH7_S95
SAMC042859 GYH5_S94
SAMC042858 GYH4_S93
SAMC042857 GYH2_S92
SAMC042856 GYH12_S91
SAMC042855 GYH10_S90
SAMC042854 GYH1_S89
SAMC042853 GY8_S88
SAMC042852 G9_S87
SAMC042851 G8_S86
SAMC042850 G7_S85
SAMC042849 G6_S84
SAMC042848 G5_S83
SAMC042847 G4_S82
SAMC042846 G3_S81
SAMC042845 G22_S80
SAMC042844 G21_S79
SAMC042843 G20_S78
SAMC042842 G2_S77
SAMC042841 G19_S76
SAMC042840 G18_S75
SAMC042839 G17_S74
SAMC042838 G16_S73
SAMC042837 G15_S72
SAMC042836 G14_S71
SAMC042835 G13_S70
SAMC042834 G12_S69
SAMC042833 G11_S68
SAMC042832 G10_S67
SAMC042831 G1_S66
SAMC042830 FX2_S65
SAMC042829 FX1_S64
SAMC042828 FD1_S63
SAMC042827 FD06_S62
SAMC042826 FD05_S61
SAMC042825 DZ3_S60
SAMC042824 DZ2_S59
SAMC042823 DZ1_S58
SAMC042822 DTL9_S57
SAMC042821 DTL8_S56
SAMC042820 DTL7_S55
SAMC042819 DTL6_S54
SAMC042818 DTL4_S53
SAMC042817 DTL3_S52
SAMC042816 DTL25_S51
SAMC042815 DTL24_S50
SAMC042814 DTL23_S49
SAMC042813 DTL22_S48
SAMC042812 DTL21_S47
SAMC042811 DTL20_S46
SAMC042810 DTL2_S45
SAMC042809 DTL19_S44
SAMC042808 DTL17_S43
SAMC042807 DTL16_S42
SAMC042806 DTL15_S41
SAMC042805 DTL14_S40
SAMC042804 DTL13_S39
SAMC042803 DTL12_S38
SAMC042802 DTL11_S37
SAMC042801 DTL10_S36
SAMC042800 DTL1_S35
SAMC042799 DT9_S34
SAMC042798 DT8_S33
SAMC042797 DT7_S32
SAMC042796 DT6_S31
SAMC042795 DT5_S30
SAMC042794 DT4_S29
SAMC042793 DT3_S28
SAMC042792 DT26_S27
SAMC042791 DT25_S26
SAMC042790 DT24_S25
SAMC042789 DT23_S24
SAMC042788 DT22_S23
SAMC042787 DT21_S22
SAMC042786 DT20_S21
SAMC042785 DT19_S20
SAMC042784 DT18_S19
SAMC042783 DT17_S18
SAMC042782 DT16_S17
SAMC042781 DT15_S16
SAMC042780 DT14_S15
SAMC042779 DT13_S14
SAMC042778 DT12_S13
SAMC042777 DT11_S12
SAMC042776 DT10_S11
SAMC042775 DT1_S10
SAMC042774 DH6_S9
SAMC042773 DH5_S8
SAMC042772 DH4_S7
SAMC042771 DH3_S6
SAMC042770 DH2_S5
SAMC042769 DH1_S4
SAMC042768 CQ1_S3
SAMC042767 C550_S2
SAMC042766 BH1_S1
GSA (1) -
CRA000946 Tea-GBS