Accession PRJCA000877
Title Exploring mechanisms of chemaical-induced mouse hepatocarcinogenesis using time serial transcriptomes, small RNA expression profiles and dynamic regulatory networks
Relevance Medical
Data Types Transcriptome or Gene expression
Raw sequence reads
Organisms Mus musculus
Description Hepatocellular carcinoma is one of the malignant tumor which threatening human health. The exact pathogenesis is still not clear and it lack of effective therapeutic targets. To identify the expression profiles of microRNA (miRNA), transcription factor (TF), protein-coding gene and investigate the regulatory network, firstly we constructed diethylnitrosamine (DEN) - induced mouse model and sequenced the normal tissues, inflammatory tissues, tumor tissues and para-tumor tissues of mouse liver through RNA-sequencing and small RNA-sequencing. Differentially expressed genes (DEGs) including Cyp2c29 and regulation of prominent pathways were identified. Functional validation of Cyp2c29 were performed through overexpression trial in mice liver of Acetaminophen (APAP) and carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) models. In addition, the gene expression profiles of APAP liver injury model were also identified using RNA-seq. The further goal is using dynamic miRNA/TF regulatory networks to explore the underlying mechanisms of HCC.
Sample scope tissue
Release date 2019-02-26
Submitter Qin    Tang  (
Organization Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Submission date 2018-05-12

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (42) -
SAMC036606 APAP_model_RNA-seq_24h_Cyp2c29_3
SAMC036605 APAP_model_RNA-seq_24h_Cyp2c29_2
SAMC036604 APAP_model_RNA-seq_24h_Cyp2c29_1
SAMC036603 APAP_model_RNA-seq_24h_APAP_3
SAMC036602 APAP_model_RNA-seq_24h_APAP_2
SAMC036601 APAP_model_RNA-seq_24h_APAP_1
SAMC036600 APAP_model_RNA-seq_24h_control_3
SAMC036599 APAP_model_RNA-seq_24h_control_2
SAMC036598 APAP_model_RNA-seq_24h_control_1
SAMC036597 APAP_model_RNA-seq_6h_Cyp2c29_3
SAMC036596 APAP_model_RNA-seq_6h_Cyp2c29_2
SAMC036595 APAP_model_RNA-seq_6h_Cyp2c29_1
SAMC036594 APAP_model_RNA-seq_6h_APAP_3
SAMC036593 APAP_model_RNA-seq_6h_APAP_2
SAMC036592 APAP_model_RNA-seq_6h_APAP_1
SAMC036591 APAP_model_RNA-seq_6h_control_3
SAMC036590 APAP_model_RNA-seq_6h_control_2
SAMC036589 APAP_model_RNA-seq_6h_control_1
SAMC036564 DEN_model_30week_9
SAMC036563 DEN_model_30week_8
SAMC036562 DEN_model_30week_7
SAMC036561 DEN_model_30week_6
SAMC036560 DEN_model_30week_5
SAMC036559 DEN_model_30week_4
SAMC036558 DEN_model_30week_3
SAMC036557 DEN_model_30week_2
SAMC036556 DEN_model_30week_1
SAMC036555 DEN_model_25week_3
SAMC036554 DEN_model_25week_2
SAMC036553 DEN_model_25week_1
SAMC036552 DEN_model_20week_3
SAMC036551 DEN_model_20week_2
SAMC036550 DEN_model_20week_1
SAMC036549 DEN_model_10week_6
SAMC036548 DEN_model_10week_5
SAMC036547 DEN_model_10week_4
SAMC036546 DEN_model_10week_3
SAMC036545 DEN_model_10week_2
SAMC036544 DEN_model_10week_1
SAMC036543 DEN_model_0week_3
SAMC036542 DEN_model_0week_2
SAMC036541 DEN_model_0week_1
GSA (1) -
CRA000931 Mouse_chemical_models_RNA-seq_and_Small_RNA-seq_data