Accession PRJCA000865
Title rice whole genome resequencing
Relevance Model organism
Umbrella project

MMDB: Molecular Module-based Designer Breeding Systems

XDA08010000: Dissection of molecular modules

XDA08010400: Dissection of molecular modules for high efficiency

XDA08010406: Dissection of molecular modules for absorption and accumulation of minor elements in rice

Data Types Whole genome sequencing
Organisms Oryza sativa
Description whole genome resequencing of 101 Oryza Sativa cultivar lines
Sample scope Multiisolate
Release date 2019-04-25
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
30808744 Natural variation in the HAN1 gene confers chilling tolerance in rice and allowed adaptation to a temperate climate Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 10.1073/pnas.1819769116 2019
Biomaterial provider Caiyan Chen
Submitter Tan    Yongjun  (
Organization Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Submission date 2018-04-28

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (101) -
SAMC043953 cultivar rice-J475
SAMC043952 cultivar rice-HCG-113
SAMC043951 cultivar rice-HCG-112
SAMC043950 cultivar rice-HCG-111
SAMC043949 cultivar rice-HCG-110
SAMC043948 cultivar rice-HCG-108
SAMC043947 cultivar rice-HCG-107
SAMC043946 cultivar rice-HCG-105
SAMC043945 cultivar rice-HCG-104
SAMC043944 cultivar rice-HCG-103
SAMC043943 cultivar rice-HCG-102
SAMC043942 cultivar rice-HCG-101
SAMC043941 cultivar rice-HCG-100
SAMC043940 cultivar rice-HCG-99
SAMC043939 cultivar rice-HCG-98
SAMC043938 cultivar rice-HCG-97
SAMC043937 cultivar rice-HCG-96
SAMC043936 cultivar rice-HCG-95
SAMC043935 cultivar rice-HCG-94
SAMC043934 cultivar rice-HCG-93
SAMC043933 cultivar rice-HCG-92
SAMC043932 cultivar rice-HCG-91
SAMC043931 cultivar rice-HCG-90
SAMC043930 cultivar rice-HCG-89
SAMC043929 cultivar rice-HCG-88
SAMC043928 cultivar rice-HCG-87
SAMC043927 cultivar rice-HCG-86
SAMC043926 cultivar rice-HCG-85
SAMC043925 cultivar rice-HCG-84
SAMC043924 cultivar rice-HCG-83
SAMC043923 cultivar rice-HCG-82
SAMC043922 cultivar rice-HCG-81
SAMC043921 cultivar rice-HCG-80
SAMC043920 cultivar rice-HCG-79
SAMC043919 cultivar rice-HCG-78
SAMC043918 cultivar rice-HCG-77
SAMC043917 cultivar rice-HCG-76
SAMC043916 cultivar rice-HCG-75
SAMC043915 cultivar rice-HCG-74
SAMC043914 cultivar rice-HCG-73
SAMC043913 cultivar rice-HCG-72
SAMC043912 cultivar rice-HCG-71
SAMC043911 cultivar rice-HCG-70
SAMC043910 cultivar rice-HCG-69
SAMC043909 cultivar rice-HCG-68
SAMC043908 cultivar rice-HCG-67
SAMC043907 cultivar rice-HCG-66
SAMC043906 cultivar rice-HCG-64
SAMC043905 cultivar rice-HCG-63
SAMC043904 cultivar rice-HCG-61
SAMC043903 cultivar rice-HCG-59
SAMC043902 cultivar rice-HCG-58
SAMC043901 cultivar rice-HCG-57
SAMC043900 cultivar rice-HCG-56
SAMC043899 cultivar rice-HCG-54
SAMC043898 cultivar rice-HCG-53
SAMC043897 cultivar rice-HCG-52
SAMC043896 cultivar rice-HCG-51
SAMC043895 cultivar rice-HCG-50
SAMC043894 cultivar rice-HCG-49
SAMC043893 cultivar rice-HCG-47
SAMC043892 cultivar rice-HCG-46
SAMC043891 cultivar rice-HCG-45
SAMC043890 cultivar rice-HCG-44
SAMC043889 cultivar rice-HCG-43
SAMC043888 cultivar rice-HCG-42
SAMC043887 cultivar rice-HCG-41
SAMC043886 cultivar rice-HCG-40
SAMC043885 cultivar rice-HCG-38
SAMC043884 cultivar rice-HCG-37
SAMC043883 cultivar rice-HCG-36
SAMC043882 cultivar rice-HCG-35
SAMC043881 cultivar rice-HCG-34
SAMC043880 cultivar rice-HCG-32
SAMC043879 cultivar rice-HCG-31
SAMC043878 cultivar rice-HCG-30
SAMC043877 cultivar rice-HCG-29
SAMC043876 cultivar rice-HCG-28
SAMC043875 cultivar rice-HCG-27
SAMC043874 cultivar rice-HCG-26
SAMC043873 cultivar rice-HCG-25
SAMC043872 cultivar rice-HCG-24
SAMC043871 cultivar rice-HCG-23
SAMC043870 cultivar rice-HCG-22
SAMC043869 cultivar rice-HCG-20
SAMC043868 cultivar rice-HCG-19
SAMC043867 cultivar rice-HCG-18
SAMC043866 cultivar rice-HCG-16
SAMC043865 cultivar rice-HCG-15
SAMC043864 cultivar rice-HCG-14
SAMC043863 cultivar rice-HCG-13
SAMC043862 cultivar rice-HCG-11
SAMC043861 cultivar rice-HCG-10
SAMC043860 cultivar rice-HCG-8
SAMC043859 cultivar rice-HCG-7
SAMC043858 cultivar rice-HCG-6
SAMC043857 cultivar rice-HCG-5
SAMC043856 cultivar rice-HCG-4
SAMC043855 cultivar rice-HCG-3
SAMC043854 cultivar rice-HCG-2
SAMC043853 cultivar rice-HCG-1
GSA (1) -
CRA000995 101rice_WGRS_tanyongjun