Accession PRJCA000834
Title Detection of viral integration events in the patients with HBV infection
Relevance Medical
Data types Raw sequence reads
Genome sequencing
Organisms Hepatitis B virus
Homo sapiens
Description Host genome integration of HBV sequence is considered significant in shaping the immune response to HBV antigens and the development of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Detection and characterization of the integration events in plasma will provide a non-invasive approach for disease monitoring.
Sample scope Multiisolate
Release date 2018-12-31
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) 2016098 Dake Zhang
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) 81201700 Identification of lncRNAs specific to hepatocellular carcinoma in peripheral plood and their functional analysis
Submitter Dake    Zhang  (
Organization Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Submission date 2018-04-25

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (136) -
SAMC086382 s007-saliva
SAMC086381 s007-plasma
SAMC086380 s006-saliva
SAMC086379 s006-plasma
SAMC086378 s005-saliva
SAMC086377 s005-plasma
SAMC086376 s004-saliva
SAMC086375 s004-plasma
SAMC086374 s003-saliva
SAMC086373 s003-plasma
SAMC086372 s002-saliva
SAMC086371 s002-plasma
SAMC086370 s001-saliva
SAMC086369 s001-plasma
SAMC086368 cf005p1_RNA
SAMC086367 cf005ca2_RNA
SAMC086366 cf003p2_RNA
SAMC086365 cf003ca2_RNA
SAMC086364 cf002p1_RNA
SAMC086363 cf002ca2_RNA
SAMC086362 cf001p2_RNA
SAMC086361 cf001ca1_RNA
SAMC036454 N003p2
SAMC036453 N003p1
SAMC036452 N003ca2
SAMC036451 N003ca1
SAMC036450 N002p3
SAMC036449 N002p1
SAMC036448 N002ca2
SAMC036447 N001p3
SAMC036446 N001p1
SAMC036445 N001ca3
SAMC036444 N001ca1
SAMC036443 I017p3
SAMC036442 I017p2
SAMC036441 I017ca3
SAMC036440 I017ca1
SAMC036439 I016p2
SAMC036438 I016p1
SAMC036437 I016ca2
SAMC036436 I016ca1
SAMC036435 I015p3
SAMC036434 I015p2
SAMC036433 I015p1
SAMC036432 I015ca1
SAMC036431 I014p3
SAMC036430 I014p1
SAMC036429 I014ca2
SAMC036428 I014ca1
SAMC036427 I013p1
SAMC036426 I013p1-2
SAMC036425 I013ca2
SAMC036424 I013ca1
SAMC036423 I012p3
SAMC036422 I012p1
SAMC036421 I012ca3
SAMC036420 I012ca2
SAMC036419 I011p3
SAMC036418 I011p2
SAMC036417 I011ca2
SAMC036416 I011ca1
SAMC036415 I010p2
SAMC036414 I010p1
SAMC036413 I010ca2
SAMC036412 I010ca1
SAMC036411 I009p2
SAMC036410 I009p1
SAMC036409 I009ca2
SAMC036408 I009ca1
SAMC036407 I008p2
SAMC036406 I008p1
SAMC036405 I008ca2
SAMC036404 I008ca1
SAMC036403 I007p2
SAMC036402 I007p1
SAMC036401 I007ca3
SAMC036400 I007ca1
SAMC036399 I006p3
SAMC036398 I006p2
SAMC036397 I006ca2
SAMC036396 I006ca1
SAMC036395 I005p2
SAMC036394 I005p1
SAMC036393 I005ca3
SAMC036392 I005ca1
SAMC036391 I004p2
SAMC036390 I004p1
SAMC036389 I004ca2
SAMC036388 I004ca1
SAMC036387 I003p3
SAMC036386 I003p2
SAMC036385 I003ca3
SAMC036384 I003ca1
SAMC036383 I002p3
SAMC036382 I002p1
SAMC036381 I002ca2
SAMC036380 I002ca1
SAMC036379 I001p3
SAMC036378 I001p2
SAMC036377 I001ca2
SAMC036376 I001ca1
SAMC036375 CH010cf
SAMC036374 CH009cf
SAMC036373 CH008cf
SAMC036372 CH007cf
SAMC036371 CH006cf
SAMC036370 CH005cf
SAMC036369 CH004cf
SAMC036368 CH003cf
SAMC036367 CH002cf
SAMC036366 CH001cf
SAMC036365 cf005p2
SAMC036364 cf005p1
SAMC036363 cf005cf
SAMC036362 cf005ca2
SAMC036361 cf005ca1
SAMC036360 cf004p2
SAMC036359 cf004p1
SAMC036358 cf004cf
SAMC036357 cf004ca2
SAMC036356 cf004ca1
SAMC036355 cf003p2
SAMC036354 cf003p1
SAMC036353 cf003cf
SAMC036352 cf003ca2
SAMC036351 cf003ca1
SAMC036350 cf002p2
SAMC036349 cf002p1
SAMC036348 cf002cf
SAMC036347 cf002ca2
SAMC036346 cf002ca1
SAMC036345 cf001p2
SAMC036344 cf001p1
SAMC036343 cf001cf
SAMC036342 cf001ca2
SAMC036341 cf001ca1
GSA (1) -
CRA000925 Detection of viral integration events in the patients with HBV infection