Accession PRJCA000797
Title Free-ranged vs caged chickens
Relevance Agricultural
Data types Metagenome
Transcriptome or Gene expression
Raw sequence reads
Organisms metagenome
Gallus gallus
Description It is well known that free-range system contributes to better chicken welfare and products, however, rare studies focus on the modulations. Here, we designed a rebounding experiment, which contains parallel feeding groups and intergroup conversions to demonstrate and self-verify the difference between free-ranged and caged chickens. This study analyzed multi-aspects of chicken characteristics, including production performance, product quality, behavior, body condition, and physiological indicators, which disclose the comprehensive differences. More importantly, we analyzed the possible roles of gene expression and microbiome in these phenotypic characteristics.
Sample scope Multiisolate
Release date 2020-03-23
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
30169713 Transcriptome changes provide genetic insights into the effects of rearing systems on chicken welfare and product quality Journal of Animal Science 10.1093/jas/sky314 2018
30916350 Rearing system causes changes of behavior, microbiome, and gene expression of chickens Poultry Science 10.3382/ps/pez140 2019
Submitter Hai    Xiang  (
Organization China Agricultural University
Submission date 2018-03-21

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (146) -
SAMC027041 LSW10
SAMC027040 LSW9
SAMC027039 LSW8
SAMC027038 LSW7
SAMC027037 LSW6
SAMC027036 LSW5
SAMC027035 LSW4
SAMC027034 LSW3
SAMC027033 LSW2
SAMC027032 LSW1
SAMC027051 LSY10
SAMC027050 LSY9
SAMC027049 LSY8
SAMC027048 LSY7
SAMC027047 LSY6
SAMC027046 LSY5
SAMC027045 LSY4
SAMC027044 LSY3
SAMC027043 LSY2
SAMC027042 LSY1
SAMC027127 SYLQ-T3
SAMC027126 SYLQ-T2
SAMC027125 SYLQ-T1
SAMC027124 SY-T3
SAMC027123 SY-T2
SAMC027122 SY-T1
SAMC027121 SW-T3
SAMC027120 SW-T2
SAMC027119 SW-T1
SAMC027118 LSY-T3
SAMC027117 LSY-T2
SAMC027116 LSY-T1
SAMC027115 LSW-T3
SAMC027114 LSW-T2
SAMC027113 LSW-T1
SAMC027112 LQ-T3
SAMC027111 LQ-T2
SAMC027110 LQ-T1
SAMC027109 SYLQ-S3
SAMC027108 SYLQ-S2
SAMC027107 SYLQ-S1
SAMC027106 SY-S3
SAMC027105 SY-S2
SAMC027104 SY-S1
SAMC027103 SW-S3
SAMC027102 SW-S2
SAMC027101 SW-S1
SAMC027100 LSY-S3
SAMC027099 LSY-S2
SAMC027098 LSY-S1
SAMC027097 LSW-S3
SAMC027096 LSW-S2
SAMC027095 LSW-S1
SAMC027094 LQ-S3
SAMC027093 LQ-S2
SAMC027092 LQ-S1
SAMC027091 SYLQ10
SAMC027090 SYLQ9
SAMC027089 SYLQ8
SAMC027088 SYLQ7
SAMC027087 SYLQ6
SAMC027086 SYLQ5
SAMC027085 SYLQ4
SAMC027084 SYLQ3
SAMC027083 SYLQ2
SAMC027082 SYLQ1
SAMC027081 nSY10
SAMC027080 nSY9
SAMC027079 nSY8
SAMC027078 nSY7
SAMC027077 nSY6
SAMC027076 nSY5
SAMC027075 nSY4
SAMC027074 nSY3
SAMC027073 nSY2
SAMC027072 nSY1
SAMC027071 nSW10
SAMC027070 nSW9
SAMC027069 nSW8
SAMC027068 nSW7
SAMC027067 nSW6
SAMC027066 nSW5
SAMC027065 nSW4
SAMC027064 nSW3
SAMC027063 nSW2
SAMC027062 nSW1
SAMC027061 nLQ10
SAMC027060 nLQ9
SAMC027059 nLQ8
SAMC027058 nLQ7
SAMC027057 nLQ6
SAMC027056 nLQ5
SAMC027055 nLQ4
SAMC027054 nLQ3
SAMC027053 nLQ2
SAMC027052 nLQ1
SAMC027031 SY10
SAMC027030 SY9
SAMC027029 SY8
SAMC027028 SY7
SAMC027027 SY6
SAMC027026 SY5
SAMC027025 SY4
SAMC027024 SY3
SAMC027023 SY2
SAMC027022 SY1
SAMC027021 SW10
SAMC027020 SW9
SAMC027019 SW8
SAMC027018 SW7
SAMC027017 SW6
SAMC027016 SW5
SAMC027015 SW4
SAMC027014 SW3
SAMC027013 SW2
SAMC027012 SW1
SAMC027011 LQ10
SAMC027010 LQ9
SAMC027009 LQ8
SAMC027008 LQ7
SAMC027007 LQ6
SAMC027006 LQ5
SAMC027005 LQ4
SAMC027004 LQ3
SAMC027003 LQ2
SAMC027002 LQ1
SAMC027001 LC10
SAMC027000 LC9
SAMC026999 LC8
SAMC026998 LC7
SAMC026997 LC6
SAMC026996 LC5
SAMC026995 LC4
SAMC026994 LC3
SAMC026993 LC2
SAMC026992 LC1
SAMC026991 LW10
SAMC026990 LW9
SAMC026989 LW8
SAMC026988 LW7
SAMC026987 LW6
SAMC026986 LW5
SAMC026985 LW4
SAMC026984 LW3
SAMC026983 LW2
SAMC026982 LW1
GSA (23) -
CRA000839 SY-T_transcriptome
CRA000838 SYLQ-T_transcriptome
CRA000840 SW-T_transcriptome
CRA000841 LSY-T_transcriptome
CRA000850 SY-S_transcriptome
CRA000842 LSW-T_transcriptome
CRA000843 LQ-T_transcriptome
CRA000844 SYLQ-S_transcriptome
CRA000845 LQ-S_transcriptome
CRA000848 LSY-S_transcriptome
CRA000849 SW-S_transcriptome
CRA000847 LSW-S_transcriptome
CRA000834 nLQ_caecum_microbiome
CRA000837 SYLQ_caecum_microbiome
CRA000835 nSW_caecum_microbiome
CRA000836 nSY_caecum_microbiome
CRA000832 LSW_caecum_microbiome
CRA000833 LSY_caecum_microbiome
CRA000831 SY_caecum_microbiome
CRA000830 SW_caecum_microbiome
CRA000829 LQ_caecum_microbiome
CRA000828 LC_caecum_microbiome
CRA000827 LW_caecum_microbiome