Accession PRJCA000794
Title miRNA profiles of healthy subjects and HCC patients
Relevance Medical
Data types Raw sequence reads
Organisms Homo sapiens
Description Our data revealed that the miRNA profiles are different between healthy subjects and HCC patients. By comparisons, we found seven miRNAs were potential diagnostic biomarkers for HCC.
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2019-01-20
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
30721267 The heterogeneity of plasma miRNA profiles in hepatocellular carcinoma patients and the exploration of diagnostic circulating miRNAs for hepatocellular carcinoma Plos One 10.1371/journal.pone.0211581 2019
Submitter xue    bai  (
Organization Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Submission date 2018-03-16

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (14) -
SAMC026860 HCC10
SAMC026859 HCC9
SAMC026858 HCC8
SAMC026857 HCC7
SAMC026856 HCC6
SAMC026855 HCC5
SAMC026854 HCC4
SAMC026853 HCC3
SAMC026852 HCC2
SAMC026851 HCC1
SAMC026850 M2
SAMC026849 M1
SAMC026848 F2
SAMC026847 F1
GSA (1) -
CRA000807 plasma miRNA