Accession PRJCA000773
Title rice whole genome resequencing
Relevance Agricultural
Umbrella project

MMDB: Molecular Module-based Designer Breeding Systems

XDA08010000: Dissection of molecular modules

XDA08010200: Dissection of molecular modules for stable yield

XDA08010203: Dissection of molecular modules for leaf senescence in rice

Data Types Whole genome sequencing
Organisms Oryza sativa
Description whole genome resequencing of 237 Oryza Sativa cultivar lines
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2018-12-24
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
30808744 Natural variation in the HAN1 gene confers chilling tolerance in rice and allowed adaptation to a temperate climate Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 10.1073/pnas.1819769116 2019
Submitter Son    Qingnan  (
Organization Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, SIBS, CAS
Submission date 2018-02-28

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (237) -
SAMC025716 cultivar rice-X138
SAMC025715 cultivar rice-X137
SAMC025714 cultivar rice-X136
SAMC025713 cultivar rice-X135
SAMC025712 cultivar rice-X134
SAMC025711 cultivar rice-X133
SAMC025710 cultivar rice-X131
SAMC025709 cultivar rice-X130
SAMC025708 cultivar rice-X129
SAMC025707 cultivar rice-X128
SAMC025706 cultivar rice-X126
SAMC025705 cultivar rice-X125
SAMC025704 cultivar rice-X123
SAMC025703 cultivar rice-X122
SAMC025702 cultivar rice-X121
SAMC025701 cultivar rice-X120
SAMC025700 cultivar rice-X119
SAMC025699 cultivar rice-X118
SAMC025698 cultivar rice-X117
SAMC025697 cultivar rice-X116
SAMC025696 cultivar rice-X115
SAMC025695 cultivar rice-X114
SAMC025694 cultivar rice-X113
SAMC025693 cultivar rice-X112
SAMC025692 cultivar rice-X111
SAMC025691 cultivar rice-X110
SAMC025690 cultivar rice-X109
SAMC025689 cultivar rice-X108
SAMC025688 cultivar rice-X107
SAMC025687 cultivar rice-X106
SAMC025686 cultivar rice-X105
SAMC025685 cultivar rice-X104
SAMC025684 cultivar rice-X103
SAMC025683 cultivar rice-X102
SAMC025682 cultivar rice-X101
SAMC025681 cultivar rice-X100
SAMC025680 cultivar rice-X99
SAMC025679 cultivar rice-X98
SAMC025678 cultivar rice-X97
SAMC025677 cultivar rice-X96
SAMC025676 cultivar rice-X95
SAMC025675 cultivar rice-X94
SAMC025674 cultivar rice-X92
SAMC025673 cultivar rice-X91
SAMC025672 cultivar rice-X88
SAMC025671 cultivar rice-X87
SAMC025670 cultivar rice-X86
SAMC025669 cultivar rice-X85
SAMC025668 cultivar rice-X84
SAMC025667 cultivar rice-X83
SAMC025666 cultivar rice-X82
SAMC025665 cultivar rice-X81
SAMC025664 cultivar rice-X80
SAMC025663 cultivar rice-X79
SAMC025662 cultivar rice-X78
SAMC025661 cultivar rice-X77
SAMC025660 cultivar rice-X76
SAMC025659 cultivar rice-X75
SAMC025658 cultivar rice-X74
SAMC025657 cultivar rice-X73
SAMC025656 cultivar rice-X72
SAMC025655 cultivar rice-X71
SAMC025654 cultivar rice-X70
SAMC025653 cultivar rice-X69
SAMC025652 cultivar rice-X68
SAMC025651 cultivar rice-X67
SAMC025650 cultivar rice-X66
SAMC025649 cultivar rice-X65
SAMC025648 cultivar rice-X64
SAMC025647 cultivar rice-X63
SAMC025646 cultivar rice-X62
SAMC025645 cultivar rice-X61
SAMC025644 cultivar rice-X60
SAMC025643 cultivar rice-X59
SAMC025642 cultivar rice-X58
SAMC025641 cultivar rice-X57
SAMC025640 cultivar rice-X56
SAMC025639 cultivar rice-X55
SAMC025638 cultivar rice-X54
SAMC025637 cultivar rice-X53
SAMC025636 cultivar rice-X52
SAMC025635 cultivar rice-X51
SAMC025634 cultivar rice-X50
SAMC025633 cultivar rice-X49
SAMC025632 cultivar rice-X48
SAMC025631 cultivar rice-X47
SAMC025630 cultivar rice-X46
SAMC025629 cultivar rice-X45
SAMC025628 cultivar rice-X44
SAMC025627 cultivar rice-X43
SAMC025626 cultivar rice-X42
SAMC025625 cultivar rice-X41
SAMC025624 cultivar rice-X40
SAMC025623 cultivar rice-X39
SAMC025622 cultivar rice-X38
SAMC025621 cultivar rice-X37
SAMC025620 cultivar rice-X36
SAMC025619 cultivar rice-X35
SAMC025618 cultivar rice-X34
SAMC025617 cultivar rice-X33
SAMC025616 cultivar rice-X32
SAMC025615 cultivar rice-X31
SAMC025614 cultivar rice-X30
SAMC025613 cultivar rice-X29
SAMC025612 cultivar rice-X28
SAMC025611 cultivar rice-X27
SAMC025610 cultivar rice-X26
SAMC025609 cultivar rice-X25
SAMC025608 cultivar rice-X24
SAMC025607 cultivar rice-X23
SAMC025606 cultivar rice-X22
SAMC025605 cultivar rice-X21
SAMC025604 cultivar rice-X20
SAMC025603 cultivar rice-X19
SAMC025602 cultivar rice-X18
SAMC025601 cultivar rice-X17
SAMC025600 cultivar rice-X16
SAMC025599 cultivar rice-X15
SAMC025598 cultivar rice-X14
SAMC025597 cultivar rice-X13
SAMC025596 cultivar rice-X12
SAMC025595 cultivar rice-X11
SAMC025594 cultivar rice-X10
SAMC025593 cultivar rice-X09
SAMC025592 cultivar rice-X08
SAMC025591 cultivar rice-X07
SAMC025590 cultivar rice-X06
SAMC025589 cultivar rice-X05
SAMC025588 cultivar rice-X04
SAMC025587 cultivar rice-X03
SAMC025586 cultivar rice-X02
SAMC025585 cultivar rice-TP416
SAMC025584 cultivar rice-TP415
SAMC025583 cultivar rice-TP414
SAMC025582 cultivar rice-TP413
SAMC025581 cultivar rice-TP412
SAMC025580 cultivar rice-TP411
SAMC025579 cultivar rice-TP410
SAMC025578 cultivar rice-TP409
SAMC025577 cultivar rice-TP408
SAMC025576 cultivar rice-TP407
SAMC025575 cultivar rice-TP406
SAMC025574 cultivar rice-TP405
SAMC025573 cultivar rice-TP404
SAMC025572 cultivar rice-TP403
SAMC025571 cultivar rice-TP402
SAMC025570 cultivar rice-TP401
SAMC025569 cultivar rice-TP333
SAMC025568 cultivar rice-TP332
SAMC025567 cultivar rice-TP331
SAMC025566 cultivar rice-TP330
SAMC025565 cultivar rice-TP329
SAMC025564 cultivar rice-TP328
SAMC025563 cultivar rice-TP327
SAMC025562 cultivar rice-TP326
SAMC025561 cultivar rice-TP325
SAMC025560 cultivar rice-TP324
SAMC025559 cultivar rice-TP323
SAMC025558 cultivar rice-TP322
SAMC025557 cultivar rice-TP321
SAMC025556 cultivar rice-TP320
SAMC025555 cultivar rice-TP319
SAMC025554 cultivar rice-TP318
SAMC025553 cultivar rice-TP317
SAMC025552 cultivar rice-TP316
SAMC025551 cultivar rice-TP315
SAMC025550 cultivar rice-TP314
SAMC025549 cultivar rice-TP313
SAMC025548 cultivar rice-TP312
SAMC025547 cultivar rice-TP311
SAMC025546 cultivar rice-TP310
SAMC025545 cultivar rice-TP309
SAMC025544 cultivar rice-TP308
SAMC025543 cultivar rice-TP307
SAMC025542 cultivar rice-TP306
SAMC025541 cultivar rice-TP305
SAMC025540 cultivar rice-TP304
SAMC025539 cultivar rice-TP303
SAMC025538 cultivar rice-TP302
SAMC025537 cultivar rice-TP301
SAMC025536 cultivar rice-TP300
SAMC025535 cultivar rice-TP299
SAMC025534 cultivar rice-TP298
SAMC025533 cultivar rice-TP297
SAMC025532 cultivar rice-TP296
SAMC025531 cultivar rice-TP295
SAMC025530 cultivar rice-TP294
SAMC025529 cultivar rice-TP293
SAMC025528 cultivar rice-TP292
SAMC025527 cultivar rice-TP291
SAMC025526 cultivar rice-TP290
SAMC025525 cultivar rice-TP289
SAMC025524 cultivar rice-TP288
SAMC025523 cultivar rice-TP287
SAMC025522 cultivar rice-TP286
SAMC025521 cultivar rice-TP285
SAMC025520 cultivar rice-TP284
SAMC025519 cultivar rice-TP283
SAMC025518 cultivar rice-TP282
SAMC025517 cultivar rice-TP281
SAMC025516 cultivar rice-TP280
SAMC025515 cultivar rice-TP279
SAMC025514 cultivar rice-TP278
SAMC025513 cultivar rice-TP277
SAMC025512 cultivar rice-TP276
SAMC025511 cultivar rice-TP275
SAMC025510 cultivar rice-TP274
SAMC025509 cultivar rice-TP273
SAMC025508 cultivar rice-TP272
SAMC025507 cultivar rice-TP271
SAMC025506 cultivar rice-TP270
SAMC025505 cultivar rice-TP269
SAMC025504 cultivar rice-TP268
SAMC025503 cultivar rice-TP267
SAMC025502 cultivar rice-TP266
SAMC025501 cultivar rice-TP265
SAMC025500 cultivar rice-TP264
SAMC025499 cultivar rice-TP263
SAMC025498 cultivar rice-TP262
SAMC025497 cultivar rice-TP261
SAMC025496 cultivar rice-TP260
SAMC025495 cultivar rice-TP259
SAMC025494 cultivar rice-TP258
SAMC025493 cultivar rice-TP257
SAMC025492 cultivar rice-TP256
SAMC025491 cultivar rice-TP255
SAMC025490 cultivar rice-TP254
SAMC025489 cultivar rice-TP253
SAMC025488 cultivar rice-TP252
SAMC025487 cultivar rice-TP251
SAMC025486 cultivar rice-TP250
SAMC025485 cultivar rice-TP249
SAMC025484 cultivar rice-TP248
SAMC025483 cultivar rice-TP247
SAMC025482 cultivar rice-TP246
SAMC025481 cultivar rice-TP245
SAMC025480 cultivar rice-TP244
GSA (1) -
CRA000779 237rice_WGRS_songqinnan