Accession PRJCA000746
Title gut microbiota change with age increase of cows
Data Types Metagenome
Organisms Bos taurus
Description 1-week-old calves(n=12) had free access to milk; 1-month-old calves(n=8) had free access to milk replacer and a solid starter diet (granule: flaking corn=3:2); 2-month-old calves(n=8) had free access to milk replacer, solid starter diet and hay(50% alfalfa and 50% oats);2-year-old (n=8) and 5-year-old (n=6) Holstein cows had free access to a total mixed diet consisting of 60% concentrated feed and 40% roughage.
Sample scope Environment
Release date 2018-02-04
Submitter Shoukun    Ji  (
Organization China Agricultural University
Submission date 2018-02-04

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (152) -
SAMC026336 RU5
SAMC026335 RU5
SAMC026334 RU5
SAMC026333 RU5
SAMC026332 RU5
SAMC026331 RU5
SAMC026330 RU4
SAMC026329 RU4
SAMC026328 RU4
SAMC026327 RU4
SAMC026326 RU4
SAMC026325 RU4
SAMC026324 RU4
SAMC026323 RU4
SAMC026322 RU3
SAMC026321 RU3
SAMC026320 RU3
SAMC026319 RU3
SAMC026318 RU3
SAMC026317 RU3
SAMC026316 RU3
SAMC026315 RU3
SAMC026314 RU2
SAMC026313 RU2
SAMC026312 RU2
SAMC026311 RU2
SAMC026310 RU2
SAMC026309 RU2
SAMC026308 RU2
SAMC026307 RU2
SAMC026306 RU1
SAMC026305 RU1
SAMC026304 RU1
SAMC026303 RU1
SAMC026302 RU1
SAMC026301 RU1
SAMC026300 RU1
SAMC026299 RU1
SAMC026298 RU1
SAMC026297 RU1
SAMC026296 RU1
SAMC026295 RU1
SAMC026294 FE5
SAMC026293 FE5
SAMC026292 FE5
SAMC026291 FE5
SAMC026290 FE5
SAMC026289 FE5
SAMC026288 FE4
SAMC026287 FE4
SAMC026286 FE4
SAMC026285 FE4
SAMC026284 FE4
SAMC026283 FE4
SAMC026282 FE4
SAMC026281 FE4
SAMC026280 FE3
SAMC026279 FE3
SAMC026278 FE3
SAMC026277 FE3
SAMC026276 FE3
SAMC026275 FE3
SAMC026274 FE3
SAMC026273 FE3
SAMC026272 FE2
SAMC026271 FE2
SAMC026270 FE2
SAMC026269 FE2
SAMC026268 FE2
SAMC026267 FE2
SAMC026266 FE2
SAMC026265 FE2
SAMC026264 FE1
SAMC026263 FE1
SAMC026262 FE1
SAMC026261 FE1
SAMC026260 FE1
SAMC026259 FE1
SAMC026258 FE1
SAMC026257 FE1
SAMC026256 FE1
SAMC026255 FE1
SAMC026254 FE1
SAMC026253 DO5
SAMC026252 DO5
SAMC026251 DO5
SAMC026250 DO5
SAMC026249 DO5
SAMC026248 DO4
SAMC026247 DO4
SAMC026246 DO4
SAMC026245 DO4
SAMC026244 DO4
SAMC026243 DO4
SAMC026242 DO4
SAMC026241 DO4
SAMC026240 DO3
SAMC026239 DO3
SAMC026238 DO3
SAMC026237 DO3
SAMC026236 DO3
SAMC026235 DO3
SAMC026234 DO3
SAMC026233 DO3
SAMC026232 DO2
SAMC026231 DO2
SAMC026230 DO2
SAMC026229 DO2
SAMC026228 DO2
SAMC026227 DO2
SAMC026226 DO2
SAMC026225 DO2
SAMC026224 DO1
SAMC026223 DO1
SAMC026222 DO1
SAMC026221 DO1
SAMC026220 DO1
SAMC026219 DO1
SAMC026218 DO1
SAMC026217 DO1
SAMC026216 DO1
SAMC026215 DO1
SAMC026214 DO1
SAMC026213 DO1
SAMC026212 AB5
SAMC026211 AB5
SAMC026210 AB5
SAMC026209 AB5
SAMC026208 AB5
SAMC026207 AB5
SAMC026206 AB4
SAMC026205 AB4
SAMC026204 AB4
SAMC026203 AB4
SAMC026202 AB4
SAMC026201 AB4
SAMC026200 AB3
SAMC026199 AB3
SAMC026198 AB3
SAMC026197 AB3
SAMC026196 AB3
SAMC026195 AB3
SAMC026194 AB3
SAMC026193 AB3
SAMC026192 AB2
SAMC026191 AB2
SAMC026190 AB2
SAMC026189 AB2
SAMC026188 AB2
SAMC026187 AB2
SAMC026186 AB2
SAMC026185 AB2
GSA (1) -
CRA000782 gut microbiota change with age increase of cows